Practical psychology 2023, February

In Bulunsky Ulus, Newborns Are More Often Given The Names Cyril, Mark, Victoria And Aigylaana

On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the formation of civil registration bodies in Russia, the correspondent of the newspaper "Mayak Arctic" met with the head of the Civil Registry Office for the Bulunsky District Maria

How The Foreign Legion Became The Elite Of The French Army

190 years ago, the Foreign Legion was created in France - a military unit that eventually became one of the most elite in the army of the republic. A distinctive feature of this formation is

City And Regional Authorities Congratulate Omsk Residents On Family Day

Governor Viktor Nazarov and Speaker of the Regional Parliament Vladimir Varnavsky said warm words to the residents of the region. “Times and people change, but family values ​​are from the category of eternal

What Is Sexuality And How To Develop It

Why is it so much more than just sex, and how the environment plays a role in awareness of sexuality

There Are Fewer Crayfish In Lake Sevan: Prime Minister Sounds The Alarm

YEREVAN, 7 Sep - Sputnik. The number of crayfish in Lake Sevan has significantly decreased, Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said at a government meeting

Sexologist Told Why Women Avoid Intimacy

Sexologist and journalist, explained why women stop having sex

On July 7, A Wedding Boom Is Expected In Perm

The Permians decided to use the beautiful date 07/07/2017. A real wedding boom is expected in the city on this day

Plastic Surgeons Told About The Beauty Secrets Of Melania Trump

The first lady of the United States instantly became a style icon. Elegant images, a slender figure, graceful face - high cheekbones, an unusual cut of the eyes, a perfect smile … Melania's appearance is admired by millions

The Registry Offices Of Yekaterinburg Are Preparing For The Influx Of Newlyweds On July 7

Residents of Yekaterinburg and other settlements of the Sverdlovsk region showed a record interest in the date 07.07.17 - on this day, hundreds of newlyweds will register their marriage in local registry offices

Boucheron Dedicated Jewelry To Russian Winter And Raccoon

The Maison Boucheron has unveiled a high jewelery collection called Hiver Impérial (Imperial Winter) as part of Paris Haute Couture Week, Vogue reports

Kyrgyzstanis Have A Lot Of Pathos On Instagram - The Star Of The Video About "wife"

Sputnik Kyrgyzstan decided to bathe in the rays of its glory - our correspondent Svetlana Fedotova spoke with the star of the Saikal video. Today, almost all Bishkek residents should envy Saikal Zhumalieva

Khatulya Avsadzhanashvili: "You Can Do Something Quickly Only With Friends"

Three months of separation from the Babochka boutique on Nevsky 36, which was closed for reconstruction in January of this year, were not easy for fashionable St. Petersburg

Unlimited Opportunities To Enter The Podium

As part of the Fashion Week, Gostiny Dvor hosted an integration show “I keep walking. The podium of success”. Girls with disabilities together with professional models

Astrologers Ranked Cheaters By Zodiac Signs

Astrologers have noticed a relationship between a person's zodiac sign and his attitude towards adultery. In this regard, a rating appeared, in which experts named representatives of the "most incorrect" zodiac sign

Age Is Just A Figure In The Passport. A Resident Of Kuntsevo Is Preparing To Celebrate The Centenary

A resident of Kuntsev, Ekaterina Yegorovna Almazova, will celebrate her anniversary on November 24 - she will turn 100 years old. The area has become truly native to her - she has been living in Kuntsevo since 1942. Ekaterina was born

The Habit Of Helping: Why Are Women More Often Than Men Working In Charity?

As practice shows, women are mainly involved in volunteer projects. Just look who is at the head of the major Russian funds. What do they themselves think about this gender preponderance?

Dreams That Cannot Be Ignored

For more than a century, man has been trying to solve the riddle of dreams

What To Do If A Man Annoys You: Recommendations Of A Psychologist

Reasons for being angry with men are overwhelming

"It's Time To Prepare Space On The Shelf" - The Reaction Of Foreigners To The Book Of Trusova

“The autobiography we all needed,” is how David Lees of The Skating Lesson announced a biography of Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova, which is scheduled to be released on

Residents Of St. Petersburg Due To The Pandemic Began To Fall Into Depression More Often

Residents of St. Petersburg due to the coronavirus pandemic have become more likely to fall into depression and suffer from hypochondria. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports, the head of the department announced this on February 12

Mom Is In The Army, Dad Is On Maternity Leave. Why Do People Change Gender Roles?

In modern society, people are increasingly changing gender roles. Women want to serve in the army, conquer Mount Everest, do parkour and work as a welder

45-year-old Anna Netrebko Noticeably Younger Thanks To A New Image

Anna Netrebko began her journey to a new appearance a few months ago, when she instantly transformed from a corpulent lady into a young lady with a toned figure, significantly losing weight

Stylish Fun: A Shake In A Cropped White Cropped Down Jacket Made A Snowman

The star of the world catwalks Irina Shayk lives with her three-year-old daughter Leia and her mother Olga in Manhattan. The girl is often noticed on fun walks with the baby, but this time the top model decided

Worst Day Ever: Getting Married On Valentine's Day Often Ends In Divorce

Researchers from the University of Melbourne are sure that on Valentine's Day, getting married is not at all worth it. As well as on other "beautiful" dates, for example, 08.08.2008

Union Of A Brush And A Camera: A Makeup Lesson From A Beauty Blogger

Light makeup in just a couple of minutes. The profession of beauty bloggers is becoming more and more popular in Russia. These are the people who teach on the Internet how to make make-up

Hungary Wanted To Consolidate Male And Female Gender In The Constitution

The Hungarian government has submitted a draft constitutional amendment that aims to consolidate male and female gender as the only options for gender identity. About this with reference to local

Russians Will Spend Twice As Much On March 8 As On February 23

Almost a quarter of Russians (22%) plan to cut spending on holidays on February 23 and March 8 in 2021. Such data in its research leads the consulting company Deloitte. Cut harder

Your First Aquarium

Smart fish slowly swim back and forth, algae sway, nerves calm down. And so … she gave an aquarium for her husband's birthday! Of course, fish are not dogs, walk them around

Taboo For Men In Russia

Relations between men and women in Russia were rather strictly regulated, especially with the advent of Christianity

Igor Krutoy's Wife Showed Her Beautiful Daughter

Despite the frenzied popularity of social networks, many parents forbid their children to use them until a certain age

Victoria Lopyreva Shared A "nude" Snapshot From A Candid Photo Shoot

33-year-old Victoria Lopyreva regularly shares her pictures with fans on Instagram. The celebrity does not miss the opportunity to show how and where she rests, and what luxury items she is surrounded by

Psychic Tatiana Larina About Her Husband's Betrayal: "I Want To Forget This Nightmare As Soon As Possible"

Tatiana Larina, a 39-year-old witch, is divorcing her husband, 24-year-old Yuliy Mitkevich-Daletsky, according to Russian media. The reason for the breakup was a banal betrayal, which she herself told

Tutta Larsen: "It's Much Easier With Three Children Than With One!"

In the summer of 2015, Tutta Larsen became a mother for the third time - a son was born in her family, who was named Vanya

Agent: Colorado Hockey Player Grigorenko's Return To Russia Depends On His Family

MOSCOW, April 4. / Corr. TASS Rustam Sharafutdinov /. The probability of return of the striker club of the National Hockey League (NHL) "Colorado" Mikhail Grigorenko to the Continental Hockey League (KHL)

Chelyabinsk Cleaning Lady Opened A Shelter For Homeless People With Disabilities

Bring hope to those who need it most. A cleaning lady from Chelyabinsk has opened a shelter for homeless people with disabilities. Valentina Gulitsina proved: you don't need millions to help

Specialist Doctor: From The White House To The Coronavirus

Elena Lebedeva, a surgeon in the squad of specialized medical care teams for work in emergency situations, is confident that women can be much more resilient than men

A New Miss Spring Appeared In The Women's Colony Of Chelyabinsk

In the women's colony No. 4 in Chelyabinsk, a new Miss Spring was chosen. The beauty and talent contest was traditionally timed to coincide with March 8 and became a wonderful gift for the fair half

Miroslava Duma Is Expecting Her Third Child

The 32-year-old founder of the Buro 24/7 website, The Tot online store and the Fashion Tech Lab investment project has ceased to hide her interesting position, writes Pregnancy rumors

The Man Became The Face Of The Maybelline Cosmetics Brand For The First Time

Maybelline has hired 25-year-old beauty blogger Manny Gutierrez to campaign for the new mascara. Gutierrez became the first man to advertise products

Anna Semenovich Refused Cosmetics

During the holidays, famous ladies give the opportunity to relax for the whole body and, of course, for the skin. Indeed, on the set of New Year's programs, they often use not just cosmetics, but professional make-up