How To Sew Melania Trump's Outfit

How To Sew Melania Trump's Outfit
How To Sew Melania Trump's Outfit

Video: How To Sew Melania Trump's Outfit

Video: How To Sew Melania Trump's Outfit
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Ralph Lauren - "American Original"


Ralph Lauren was born in 1939 in the Bronx, New York, the son of a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe. He began his fashion career in 1971. Even then, he worked with cashmere, cotton and tweed, creating a complete range of women's wardrobe. But success came to the designer from a completely different side.

In 1974 for The Great Gatsby, Lauren designed several men's suits with a natural shoulder line. This was the hit in the top ten.

His fashion is for active and athletic people. His style is elegant and tasteful. A distinctive feature of Lauren's models is sporty chic.

His biography is a living embodiment of the American dream, he built his own fashion empire and became one of the richest people in the United States. Assertiveness and hard work made Ralph Lauren a classic of American fashion.

The secret of the brand's popularity lies in the harmonious combination of respectability, stability and luxury. Dress for Melania Trump

The image of the first lady of America is still actively discussed on the network and the main question that we will try to answer today is how to sew a similar dress and jacket using ready-made Burda patterns.

The laconic cut of the ensemble speaks for itself.

Sheath dress up to the middle of the knees, emphasizes all the advantages of Melania's flawless figure. A small one-piece stand-up collar with vertical darts is the highlight of this model. There is a classic slit at the back of the dress so that the narrow silhouette does not hinder movement.

A small jacket, slightly reminiscent of a bolero, of an unusual cut deserves special attention. Two-seam raglan sleeves with a straight cut and three-quarter length, oblique wrap-around shelves and a shawl collar that fastens with a button.

I would like to note one very important point. From the photographs, it can be assumed that both the dress and the jacket are made of two-layer double fabric. That is why the seams look different from the front side, in addition, there is no decorative stitching. On our site there is a master class from which you will learn how to sew from such fabrics using the example of the most ordinary straight skirt.

How to sew a dress and jacket

For the basis of Melania's dress, take the pattern of model 113 or 114 from Burda 11/2015. Dress with a one-piece collar Lace can make any item luxurious! And our tight-fitting dress with a one-piece stand-up collar clearly proves it. All details, except for the sleeves, we duplicated with a flesh-colored lining. 132add to cart

You won't have to make any fundamental changes to the model, since the silhouette practically coincides with the original.

The absence of vertical darts on the neck in the proposed model can be compensated for with a little trick - do the tucks from the seamy side. To the desired length, neatly stitch narrow folds, which will imitate vertical darts.

Pull the zipper from the shoulder seam into the seam on the back.

Add a cut or slot.

The jacket assumes a "collective" image of two patterns. Combine a jacket from Burda 10/2015 and a bolero from the September 2012 magazine. Shawl collar jacket Embossed fabric pattern, wide shawl collar, large gimped buttons and buttonholes give this spacious raglan sleeve jacket a special charm. complements the futuristic look. This model will look especially advantageous on short girls.

Make all changes to the pattern of the jacket. First of all, determine the length of the future product.

To change the line of the front, place the bolero front detail over the jacket front detail and draw a new line.

For this you will need a bolero pattern with beveled shelves.

If the shawl collar of the jacket is fastened only with the top button, then, as can be seen in the photo, additional changes in it will not be required.

Use a button or pretty coat hooks instead of a button.

Opt for soft dress and jacket fabrics that keep their shape. It can be cashmere as in the original, wool or good quality blended fabrics. Jacquard fabrics are fine too. Photo: Wikipedia (1); Russian Look (3); (2); BurdaStyle.ruAuthor of the master class: Yulia Dekanova

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