How To Deal With The Autumn Blues

How To Deal With The Autumn Blues
How To Deal With The Autumn Blues

Video: How To Deal With The Autumn Blues

Video: How To Deal With The Autumn Blues
Video: September Blues - Relax Slow Autumn Blues Guitar and Piano Music - Best of Whiskey Blues Rock 2023, March

Yes, you, like a million girls around the world, now too"

How to deal with the autumn blues
How to deal with the autumn blues

Autumn mood

". PEOPLETALK cannot allow this, and therefore offers you one hundred percent options for dealing with the autumn blues so that you do not infuriate your Instagram followers with meaningful philosophical melancholic quotes about unrequited love, rainy weather and fallen leaves.


90% of autumn "depression" happens due to a lack of natural light. You must use every opportunity to get your daily dose. And the more the better. Even if it's cloudy outside, try to get out of the room and get some fresh air.

Artificial light

If you still can't get out of the house, then this problem can be solved artificially. Cold fluorescent light sources also get rid of the autumn blues if you spend 30-40 minutes in front of them. You don't have to look at them - you can go about your business.

Alarm clock Philips Wake-up Light, 11990 р.

Alarm clock "Starry sky" (Pum-Pu. Ru), 1119 r.

Helicopter alarm clock (, 1480 p.

Sleep mask with headphones (, 1300 p.

It is better to get up in the fall at sunrise. Sleep before lunch is not worth it - it is better to sleep a couple of hours after lunch. This will be much more beneficial for the body.


Bridgette Dons 3


The Big Lebowski

The wolf of Wall Street

Hotel "Grand Budapest"

If the right light and sleep do not cure you of the autumn blues, then this is not an autumn blues, but simply a dreary mood. There are also medications for him, and one of the main ones is the usual uplifting of the mood in all possible ways. The first and foremost is a funny comedy. "Bachelor Party in Vegas", for example, or "Meet the Fockers." Laughter is the best medicine.


Music is also an important factor. Don't listen to R. E. M. - Everybody Hurts or Love The Way You Lie of Rihanna and Eminem. You better listen to something rhythmic and fun. Paper Planes from Slumdog Millionaire as an option. By the way, this song also helps to wake up in the morning - checked.

Healthy food store "Gorod-Sad" with a cafeteria on B. Dmitrovka

Gastrobistro Tehnikum on B. Dmitrovka

Vegetarian food restaurant Fresh on B. Dmitrovka

It's no secret that food is the best antidepressant. Scientists have even rated foods that lift your mood. The third line is occupied by meat, or rather, veal or beef. Second place is porridge. It contains a huge amount of vitamins. And the leader was berries, and any: even strawberries, even blueberries. Does not work? Then eat your chocolate. We all know that sweet is a win-win.


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In the fall, you always want to return to summer, swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach. If there is no opportunity to go abroad, sign up for the pool. Only not in the one where adult evil women in rubber caps swim and hate everyone who swims on their path.

Change of image

Krygina Studio: haircut, 1000 rubles, makeup, 3500 rubles, correction and coloring of eyebrows, 2500 rubles, manicure, 2500 rubles, image for Halloween, 8000-10000 rubles.

A change of image always cheers you up. Maybe you wanted to have a short haircut or dye for a long time, but did not dare to do so? Right now! And if this is too drastic changes for you, then just sign up for a manicure. A trifle, but nice.


New Zara Studio collection

New Zara Studio collection

New collection Zara Studio

As Blair from "Gossip Girl" said: "Everyone who says" money can't buy happiness "just doesn't know where to go shopping," and she was so right! Nothing cheers you up better than shopping. We suggest you renew your wardrobe in the fall - this will definitely save you from the blues.

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