10 Interior Items From Fashion Brands

10 Interior Items From Fashion Brands
10 Interior Items From Fashion Brands

Video: 10 Interior Items From Fashion Brands

Video: 10 Interior Items From Fashion Brands
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The home collection lines are a logical direction for designer brands, which are warmly received in the hearts of their customers. While some fashion houses like Fendi or Armani open their own bureaus and develop full-fledged interiors, others express their corporate aesthetics in separate collections of decor items. A minimalist rug from Calvin Klein, painted tableware from Versace - in the catalogs of fashion brands you can find almost everything you need for a home interior: from wallpaper and large furniture to bed linen and candlesticks. If you want to furnish your home according to all the rules of fashion fengshui, we advise you to carefully study our selection and choose something to your liking.

10 interior items from fashion brands
10 interior items from fashion brands


1. Plate Medusa, Versace. 2. Dish Arabesque, Versace. 3. Dish La Dorée, Versace.

Kate spade new york

1. Table lamp Hayes, Kate Spade. 2. Table lamp Dickinson Buffet, Kate Spade. 3. Table lamp Elsie, Kate Spade.

Christian lacroix

1. Tea set, Christian Lacroix by Vista Alegre. 2. Tea set, Lacroix Sol y Sombra Teapot.

Calvin klein

1. Carpet, Calvin Klein Home. 2. Carpet, Calvin Klein Home. 3. Carpet, Calvin Klein Home.


1. Pillow, Missoni Home Perpignan. 2. Pillow, Missoni Home Kaduna. 3. Pillow, Missoni Home Rieti.

Donna karan new york

1. Bath set Bone, DKNY Home. 2. Bath set Color Block, DKNY Home. 3. Bath set Streetscape, Kate Spade.


1. Candlestick-cube Medor, Hermes. 2. Glass candlestick Medor, Hermes. 3. Candle Arbre de Vie, Hermes.

Roberto cavalli

1. Bed linen Floris, Roberto Cavalli Home. 2. Bed linen Polynesia, Roberto Cavalli Home. 3. Bed linen Spider, Roberto Cavalli Home.


1. Box Shagreen & Brass, Aerin. 2. Box Shagreen Heart, Aerin. 3. Box Shagreen Square, Aerin.

Ralph Lauren

1. Joshua Tree Lounge Chair, Ralph Lauren Home. 2. Armchair Hepplewhite Wing, Ralph Lauren Home. 3. Armchair, Mayfair Tufted, Ralph Lauren Home.

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