Double Standards In Relation To Women

Double Standards In Relation To Women
Double Standards In Relation To Women

Video: Double Standards In Relation To Women

Video: Double Standards In Relation To Women
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Double standards pervade our entire society. Why are double standards dangerous, and what are the consequences for the psyche?

“I am a man, and I can, and you are a woman, you cannot” - surely every girl has come across such words in her life. A similar meaning can be wrapped in a wide variety of packaging and applied in different situations: at work, at home, anywhere. And such double standards are found almost everywhere and in a lifetime, perhaps, you can compile a collection of the most remarkable phrases.

It is believed that if a man has sex with many women, then he is doing the right thing, and in general polygamy is inherent in men by nature. As soon as a woman changes several partners, she is immediately labeled as a "girl of easy virtue", and her behavior begins to be censured, because a woman should be exclusively with one partner all her life. This is a classic example of double standards. And although there is no scientific evidence that people are polygamous, rather, on the contrary, Homo sapiens belongs to a monogamous species, since it was necessary for survival in the course of evolution, society still continues to spread this false message. The images of Don Juan and Casanova, the kidnappers of women's hearts, are positive, and society sees an exceptionally healthy, right need in the love affairs of men. “He’s a man,” the society says condescendingly, but a woman in a similar situation is immediately bombarded with all sorts of reproaches and accusations.

In family relationships, double standards are also often slipped. For example, a man comes home after work and rests, while a woman after work has no right to rest - she must cook food, clean the house and look after the children. And all for the same reason, transmitted by double standards - a man is allowed, but a woman is not.

Another common double standard is in the field of beauty. Let's remember that a woman, in the opinion of men, should always look perfect - hairstyle, manicure, expressive eyes and a toned figure - and God forbid to have at least one extra hair on her body. A woman is then immediately branded as a slut, and as for men, “A man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey” - inspires society in the same condescending tone. As for aging, a natural process of any organism living on the planet, it is believed that a woman only loses her attractiveness, and a man, on the contrary, for some reason becomes prettier. A subjective stigma hangs on the natural process, which poisons many women's lives.

Because of double standards, the impossible is often demanded from girls. So, a man definitely wants a virgin to be his wife, but at the same time so that she is as relaxed as possible in bed and has sex with him the way experienced girls do, which is physically impossible, you just have to think logically. For example, would a person who first got on roller skates be required to be able to skate right away?

In general, this is a very characteristic demand put forward by women - a combination of incongruous character traits. Modest, but liberated. With a riddle, but simple - and much more. Although, in fact, this is impossible. It is impossible to combine the incongruous without consequences for the psyche.

What can be the consequences for the psyche?

Double standards instill in a woman an inferiority complex and a sense of guilt. A deliberately practically unattainable ideal is being laid, and it is virtually impossible to approach it. The hidden meaning of double standards is to instill in a woman that she is inferior. As a result, in trying to live up to double standards, the woman falls into a trap. A shattered worldview and mental instability lead to the fact that a woman becomes very easy to control, which the manipulator enjoys using.

Double standards can hide behind a variety of pseudo-proofs. As if it were so in ancient times, or that it is so conceived by the female and male "energy". If double standards, for example, were really natural, wouldn’t you have to constantly talk about it, pull down women and try to put them in their place and instill in them an unattainable ideal that needs to be met? Why is this happening? Because double standards are just cliches broadcast by society. Moreover, they can be called consciousness-infecting viruses. And although now extremely slowly, their absurdity is nevertheless revealed, they are still fixed in the minds of people. The worst thing is that this worldview is passed on to the younger generation, which they later pass on to their children, ensuring the sustainability of double standards in culture. Therefore, you need to learn to resist double standards and protect your psyche from their destructive influence.

Remember - this is your life, and the rules are exclusively yours.

You can be what you want.

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