Slim Legs And A Flat Stomach: All About The Fitness Bikini

Slim Legs And A Flat Stomach: All About The Fitness Bikini
Slim Legs And A Flat Stomach: All About The Fitness Bikini

Video: Slim Legs And A Flat Stomach: All About The Fitness Bikini

Video: Slim Legs And A Flat Stomach: All About The Fitness Bikini
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Classes in a fitness club have long become an obligatory part of their life for most of the townspeople. And many are so addicted to regular training and proper nutrition that they just get bored attending the club and set new goals for themselves, for example, to take part in certain competitions. One of these fashionable and affordable sports for girls has become a fitness bikini. So what kind of sport is it, how to prepare for it and whether there is corruption in refereeing, the columnist and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky found out from Alexander Baraul, master of sports in bodybuilding, champion of Russia in bodybuilding, judge of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of Russia.


- Fitness bikini is still quite young, but actively gaining popularity direction, including as a sports discipline. So what kind of fitness or sport is this? And how does it differ from beauty contests?

So what is a fitness bikini? Let's turn to the IFBB position. Bikini Fitness was officially recognized as a new sports discipline by the IFBB Executive Council and Congress on November 7, 2010. I think it is correct to call it a competition, since the main criteria for evaluating the participants are femininity and proportions, and not athletic form and well-developed muscles. So, at many regional and Russian competitions this nomination is positioned as a fitness bikini competition.

- What are the mandatory requirements for the participants?

The category is intended for women with a good physique, beautiful body lines, who go in for sports and follow a diet. The details of the appearance are also taken into account: attractiveness of the face, makeup, hairstyle, skin tone, as well as general presentability. Contestants should not have obvious muscle relief, abs, large volumes and masculine features. Girls should look feminine and graceful, have a low percentage of adipose tissue, an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure (rounded buttocks, flat stomach, narrow hips). It is very important to be able to pose - to correctly show and present your form to spectators and judges.

- What is the posing of the participants?

The fitness bikini category includes three rounds:

1. Preliminary judging - qualifying round (four turns). 2. Semifinal (preliminary judging) - round 1 (four turns). 3. Final - Round 2 (individual presentation and four turns).

The posing of the participants includes four main positions (four turns):

1. Estimation of proportions - frontal (front position), one leg and arm set aside, one arm on the waist (thigh). 2. Turn to the right - with the left side towards the judges, with the torso slightly turned towards the judges, and the face facing the judges. The right hand rests on the right thigh, the left hand is lowered down and slightly back from the center line of the body, the legs are spread freely, but not together. 3. Back to the judges - standing straight, not tilting the upper body (trunk) forward, with one hand resting on the thigh, one leg slightly to the side. The second hand is lowered down along the body slightly to the side, with an open palm and straight, aesthetically curved fingers. Competitors are not allowed to turn their upper body (torso) towards the judges and must face the back of the stage during the comparison. 4. Turning to the right and facing the judges with the torso slightly turned towards the judges and facing the judges. The left hand rests on the right thigh, the right hand is lowered down and slightly back from the center line of the body, the legs are spread freely, but not together. Then turn to face the judges.

Individual presentation, defile (i-walking) - the participants enter the stage one by one in numerical order and present their model gait. The participant goes to the center of the stage, stops and shows four different positions of her choice. Then he walks to the lineup of athletes at the back of the stage.

Athletes enter the stage with a demonstration of their figure in personal preferences. No obscene movements or gestures are allowed. Each participant is given 20 seconds.

In most tournaments, the number of participants in the category exceeds 15, and the primary task of the judges is to select the 15 finalists through a general comparison of the proportions and general appearance of the entire line of participants. Then - comparisons by fives (four turns), selection of six finalists and placing in places. In the final (round 2), top-6 participants perform a defile.

- Swimwear is definitely an important part of any athlete. Where and how are they ordered and what are the requirements for them?

Strictly regulated IFBB requirements apply to the swimsuit and the appearance of the athletes. Swimwear for the qualifying round and other rounds must meet the following criteria:

1. The bikini should be opaque and in two parts. 2. The color, fabric, texture, ornament and style of the bikini, as well as the color and shape of the high heels, are at the discretion of the competitor, except as noted below. 3. The thickness of the sole of shoes is not more than 1 centimeter, and the height of the studs can be a maximum of 12 centimeters. Platform shoes are not allowed. 4. Bikini bottoms should cover at least 1/3 of the gluteal and entire pubic area. The bikini should be in good taste. G-strings are strictly prohibited. 5. The leotard will be checked at the time of the official registration of the athletes. 6.1. The hairstyle can be styled. 6.2. With the exception of a wedding ring, bracelets and earrings, jewelry is not allowed. Participants may not wear glasses, watches or wigs during the competition, with the exception of breast implants. Implants or fluid injections that alter the natural shape of any part or muscle of the body are strictly prohibited and may result in the competitor's disqualification. The swimsuits are custom-made for the majority of the participants or purchased from private ateliers (mainly specialized in sewing swimwear for the fitness industry), of which there are many now.

- Absolutely any girl can prepare and take part in competitions or are there certain body proportions, without which you can not even dream of going on stage? 90-60-90?

Most of the fitness bikini champions are genetically gifted girls - owners of narrow waists, rounded buttocks, and non-narrow shoulders. But if the latter can be pumped up, the chest can be done, then a narrow waist is not given to everyone. Nevertheless, this nomination is numerous and very popular, because many girls can bring themselves to a competitive form with regular visits to the gym and adherence to the diet!

- What cannot but catch the eye is the well-developed buttocks of the athletes. Do they specifically focus on them in training?

We can say yes. Since the buttocks and beautiful thighs, I'm not afraid of this comparison, is the second face of any "bikinie".

- In my opinion, fitness bikini is a subjective sport. How and by what criteria are the participants evaluated?

There are certain requirements and fairly clear criteria for judging, which we mentioned above (femininity, proportions, good physique, general appearance, ability to pose). But I cannot but agree that this nomination is very subjective and much depends on the preferences of the judges. For example, some are more impressed by brunettes, and some by blondes. Some judges like the rounder and more athletic thighs, while others prefer the slimmer and more graceful hips. And all of this falls within the criteria.

- Is there corruption in refereeing?

The question is sensitive and urgent. I believe that this is not excluded. The competition is very popular and many girls aspire to become champions. But I have little judicial practice and, personally taking part in refereeing, I can say that it is problematic to change the protocols of the referees (usually there are nine of them). And often the opinions of the judges differ slightly. It all depends on experience and judicial practice.

- Russian athletes regularly win major world tournaments. What is the secret of Russian beauties?

It's simple. I can safely say that our girls are the most beautiful!

- What is the future of bikini in Russia?

I am sure that this nomination is just living its dawn.

- A couple of useful tips for those who would like to do bikini?

Be purposeful, do not let your whims and weaknesses get the best of you. Do not set a goal to achieve a gorgeous figure at any cost and in a short time. It's hard work, but even if you never perform, investing in yourself is the most profitable! A good figure and health are always valuable! If you are planning to compete, then find yourself a professional coach!

Eduard Kanevsky

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