DIY Creative Crafts: Expectation And Reality

DIY Creative Crafts: Expectation And Reality
DIY Creative Crafts: Expectation And Reality
Video: DIY Creative Crafts: Expectation And Reality
Video: BACK TO SCHOOL EXPECTATION VS REALITY || Funny Situations by 123 GO! 2023, February

The Internet is filled with detailed colorful hand-made instructions, and it might seem that every home now has some beautiful hand-made thing. Not really. People still can't do what the bright pictures promise them, and it's still very funny. Well, at least they tried.

Source: Bored Panda

Orange candle.

Children's swing.

Lacy eggs.

Manicure with a border.

Winter hat.

Knitted hippo.

Curl manicure.

Candlestick made of autumn leaves.

Button bowl.

Composition of melted crayons.

Eldridge Tie Knot.

A rainbow of crayons melted by a heat gun.

"We showed my grandmother a photo with a snowman made of wood, and she sent us this in return."

Expectation: cute knitted bird. Reality: she seems to be dead.

Glass ball with snow.

“My first attempt at tying something. The result is a stylish volleyball net."

Pineapple from a bottle of champagne with sweets.

Leopard shadows.

Wicker ball.

Homemade lamps.

Shorts from old jeans.

Garden hand sculptures say hello to their creator.

Printing in the form of a foot.

Door wreath of socks.

Flowers painted by the bottom of the bottle.

Milk jug in the form of a penguin.

A glass from a beer bottle.

Gradient eye makeup.

Pillow in the form of a van.

Cutout dress.

"Jack's Lamp" for Halloween.

Still, you shouldn't have thrown away the instructions.

"Space" sneakers.

A soothing jar of glitter.

Hairstyle from braids.

Sweet lips from dragee.

Rainbow roses.

Paper flowers.

Denim basket.

Papier-mâché deer head.

Pastel valentines.

Christmas tree made of gloves.

Braided heart.

Dog from the kit for creativity.

Coin countertop.

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