How And Where To Put Christmas Gifts: 8 Holiday Ideas

How And Where To Put Christmas Gifts: 8 Holiday Ideas
How And Where To Put Christmas Gifts: 8 Holiday Ideas
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It doesn't matter if you have a fireplace, or if there is a large Christmas tree under which you can put shiny boxes with bows: you can beautifully fold gifts that will be opened after the chimes, not only under the spreading spruce legs. Classic and original options for a note - 8 ideas for large and small rooms.

New Year's gifts for 2021: the traditional option

The option of gifts under the tree is always the most popular. After all, it is under the Christmas tree that Santa Claus puts these same gifts.

But you can put gifts under the tree in different ways. Pour in a large pile, lay out the boxes, or still make a little effort and arrange everything stylishly and beautifully.

Christmas socks for gifts

Another classic version that has taken root in our country. The absence of a fireplace is not a reason to abandon the idea. You can put gifts in good old Russian felt boots. A large gift will not fit into a felt boot, but pouring sweets or a designer into it is easy.

Ideas for New Year's gifts and their "presentations"

The wooden Christmas tree has been in trend for several years. But why not make it more functional? We add shelves, hooks, New Year's decor - and compactly hang or fold gifts. A great option to protect gifts from the ubiquitous pets.

A place for gifts: more creativity and imagination

Beautiful Hand Made boxes and baskets are a great option if you want to stylishly add that mountain of surprises that you have prepared for your loved one. And for children, you can hide gifts inside, for example, such snowmen (to be sure that the gifts will not be opened until the "X" hour).

How beautiful to fold a gift

For this idea, it is not necessary to buy expensive designer sleds for decoration - ordinary sleds on runners, which many collect dust on the balconies, will do. A little bit of decor, and you can put it next to the tree and fold gifts.

Laying out gifts: wall option

Is the wall empty? Use it for New Year purposes too. A great option for a room in which there is simply nowhere to put a Christmas tree.

Where to hide a gift

Creative New Year's Eco-Idea. You only need a snag, the gifts themselves and the desire to pleasantly surprise your loved ones. Cats will definitely not get it!

How to arrange gifts beautifully

We create a Christmas composition in the most convenient place - on the floor, on the table, on the shelves, on the windowsill. With Christmas decor, enthusiasm and imagination.

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