10 Emily Ratzkowski Dresses That Made A Splash

10 Emily Ratzkowski Dresses That Made A Splash
10 Emily Ratzkowski Dresses That Made A Splash

Video: 10 Emily Ratzkowski Dresses That Made A Splash

Video: 10 Emily Ratzkowski Dresses That Made A Splash
Video: First Moments with Emily Ratajkowski | ELLE 2023, March

At the official opening of Cannes


at this year's film festival, actress and model Emily Ratzkowski chose "naked"

satin dress in a fashionable beige shade, which earned the status of a real style icon. And this is not the first

sensational release of the model.

Cannes Film Festival 2017

At the premiere of Andrey's new painting

Zvyagintsev's "Dislike", which was held yesterday as part of the now ongoing 70th

Cannes Film Festival, Emily appeared in a breathtaking outfit, which immediately

became a real sensation.

An outfit created by a longtime friend and

famous designer Peter Dundas, was a black lace

jumpsuit with a revealing neckline in the front, complemented by a fluffy tiered

a taffeta skirt.

Golden Globe Awards-2017

On the red carpet award

"Golden Globe" this year, many stars have chosen the outfits of the yellow shade.

The most successful choice was made by Emily. Her Greek-style dress featured a plunging neckline and a cutout hem. However, it is vulgar

did not look. The model skillfully complemented it with elegant jewelry and graceful


Met Gala-2016

The theme of last year's Ball

The Institute of Costume has chosen futurism and abstractionism. Ratzkowski decided not to

surprise the audience with an extravagant futuristic outfit, but chose

get inspired by black and white abstract art graphics. As a result, the choice

fell on a laconic, but incredibly stylish white dress with an asymmetrical bodice and

black train, to which Emily picked up sandals with thin straps, why

the legs began to seem even more slender and already completely endless.

Emmy 2016

For the 68th ceremony

Emmy Award Winning Emily Wore A Luxurious Zac Posen Deep Gown

blue shade with an intricately tailored bodice, decorated with flounces on the edge

hem. The model complemented the spectacular image with a smooth hairstyle with a side parting and

thin chain earrings that riveted attention to a thin neck and

exciting neckline.

Diamond Ball-2015

For a charity ball

Rihanna Emily decided to dress modestly, but tastefully, preferring the unusual

restrained for a model (but no less attractive) black

a maxi dress with an asymmetrical bodice, draperies at the waist and moderately high

slit, the look was finished off with graceful nude sandals.

Party Vanity Fair-2017

The Vanity Fair party traditionally takes place after the Oscars and

famous for the most luxurious dresses on the carpet. To harmoniously

look against the background of the rest of the guests, Ratzkowski opted for

sheer nude dress embroidered with sparkling crystals and

decorated with ostrich feathers below. By the way, feathers this season are the latest squeak of evening fashion. The dress perfectly emphasized the main advantages

the figure of the model is a lush chest and a thin waist.

Party Vanity Fair-2016

At the Vanity Fair party in

Last year, Ratzkowski's outfit was named one of the most revealing. Although he

consisted of a microscopic bustier with ultrashort shorts and a transparent

skirts, it was impossible to call it vulgar. Bribed from such a kit

deliberate simplicity of cut and choice of color (black does not oblige to anything).

Premiere of the film "128 Beats Per Minute" in Los Angeles

When Ratzkowski goes to

red carpet, all attention is riveted only to her. The model maintains its

sexy image, appearing in public in revealing outfits that accentuate the cleavage. The premiere of the film "128 strokes in

minute”, held in Los Angeles. Then Emily made all the guests gasp

with admiration: a dress of powdery shade from Maria Lucia Hohan is getting into the top ten.

Premiere of the film "128 beats per minute" in France

This time Ratazkowski changed

his usual formula "emphasis on the chest." Balmain Dress in Iridescent Emerald

fringes are the exact opposite of her favorite style. Closed deaf

top, ultramini - the model decided to take a chance, and it was right. And the black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti sandals are perfect

completed the image.

Premiere of the film "128 Beats Per Minute" in New York

Chiseled figure of Ratzkowski

allows her to show off not only legs and bust, but also flawlessly flat

stomach. So, for the premiere show in New York, Emily put on a silk jumpsuit

Solace London with a crop top that drew attention to the pumped press

models. Indeed, the outfit "without the right to roll out the belly."

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