The Kardashian Sisters Makeup Artist Secrets Of Perfect Selfie Makeup

The Kardashian Sisters Makeup Artist Secrets Of Perfect Selfie Makeup
The Kardashian Sisters Makeup Artist Secrets Of Perfect Selfie Makeup
Video: The Kardashian Sisters Makeup Artist Secrets Of Perfect Selfie Makeup
Video: Kim Kardashian West’s Makeup Artist Shares 3 Tips For Perfect Glam | TODAY 2023, February

Celebrity makeup artist Troy Serratt, to whom Adele and the Kardashian sisters often come for makeup, has developed a formula for the right makeup for selfies. If you strictly follow his instructions, then your photos on the Web are guaranteed to collect thousands of likes.

Perfect tone

“In the photo, any redness will be more noticeable than in real life. That's why it's important that your skin is flawlessly lined, says Troy. - Always start applying tone from the center of the face and those areas where the most redness. Be sure to pay attention to the tip of the nose, the area around the nostrils, and the chin. Use beautyblender to carefully blend the borders."

Matte leather

“As a rule, semi-matte skin looks the best in the frame,” comments Troy. - If you have too much glitter (highlighter and shining shadows) on your face, you will end up looking flat and ugly in the photo. If you still want to keep the gloss, then make one accent and be sure to combine different textures. That is, say, apply metallic shadows over matte ones."

Avoid silica-based products

This component is invisible in the mirror, but at the same time it gives an ugly and uneven white backlight during the picture - it literally flashes. “High silica powders are really tempting. They give a beautiful visual effect and are pleasant to the skin. Still, it is better to replace them with those with a matte finish. Firstly, they will remove excess oil from the skin. Secondly, they will look great in the frame."

Don't forget about bronzers and blush

“The camera somehow gives off a flash of light that can make your skin look brighter than it actually is,” warns Troy. - Therefore, if you take a selfie, be sure to apply blush. Shades of pink and tangerine look beneficial in the frame. As for bronzers, very few of them are needed - just to make your face look natural in the picture."

Either haze or straight lines

According to Troy, eye makeup looks best in a photo if it is clearly consistent with the same style. It should be either mixed and shaded borders, or clear lines. "For a smoky look, use a soft, clean brush to scatter the edges," says the makeup artist. - Spend a little more time shading to get the most smoky effect. For a harder edge, apply a liner or pencil with a flat, stiff brush like MAC # 212. Be sure to remove all excess with a cotton swab - the line should be clear and even."

Lip pencil

“Choose a pencil that matches the natural tone of your lips. This little trick will help you make your lips more perfect, give them volume and sexuality, explains Troy. - I always use a pencil, even when creating the effect of naked lips. The only product that doesn't need a foundation is the Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick.”

Flawless eyebrows

Don't make your eyebrows too bright, otherwise only they will be in the frame. “Use eyeshadow to match and lighter than your hair color,” says the makeup artist. - Be sure to combine several shades, create an ombre effect: apply a darker one to the tail of the eyebrow, and leave the base and top lighter.

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