Glass Bags By A Georgian Designer - An Innovation In The Fashion Market

Glass Bags By A Georgian Designer - An Innovation In The Fashion Market
Glass Bags By A Georgian Designer - An Innovation In The Fashion Market
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The author of the idea, the founder of the brand, designer Nini Zekalashvili, believes that quite good conditions have been created for young, beginning entrepreneurs in Georgia today. How to achieve success, she told Sputnik Georgia.


Georgian designer Nini Zekalashvili

- I got the idea to create "May" when I was studying Internet design materials at the university, but then it was just an idea out of personal interest, and as a large-scale business I did not imagine all this.

At the beginning of September 2016, I decided to take up independent activities, took up a startup. Members of my team helped me choose the name, however, we didn't have to think for a long time - this simple name just matched the spring transparent bags.

Glass Bag May

- How long have your products entered the Georgian market? And how was it accepted by society?

- In September we founded the brand. The original photographs were taken at home. Since then, we have made a pretty big step forward in terms of development. Our products were received very positively. When we go out with bags of our own brand, we immediately find ourselves in the center of attention of passers-by, mainly girls.

- What material are your handbags made of?

- This is organic glass that comes to us from Israel. As for the fabric, we use sustainable materials such as suede and velvet, which our company imports from Turkey. Chains, zippers and small parts are also from Turkey. We began to work with natural leather, at this stage, wooden models are also produced. The prices for our products are affordable, not counting, of course, leather, the cost of which is quite high - 350 GEL.

Glass Bag May

- Who designs the bags?

- I myself. I try to keep both the form and the whole design simple, not overloaded or deviated from the main line.

- Do you accept orders?

- Yes of course. True, there are times when we are asked to make a bag of other designers, including Georgian ones. And, of course, I am categorically against it. Politely refuse

Glass Bag May

- Are there foreigners among your consumers?

- The bags that were sent to Rostov, France and Canada were purchased by Georgian consumers. Although a fairly large part was sent by our consumers as a gift or exported to different countries. Style control stores have recently opened in Kiev and Moscow, selling bags of Georgian designers, including ours. And they are very popular.

On May 5, as soon as we opened our store, six models were sold at once. Of these, one was sent to Istanbul, two to New York, and one was acquired by Russian girls before leaving for Moscow.

Glass Bag May

- Where are your bags sold?

- In Ukraine and Russia. Now our little showcase is open in the "Tbilisi Mall".

- Please tell us about your plans.

- We have a lot of them, but we have very little time. Despite the fact that, for objective reasons, we do not always manage to implement our plans on time, I am sure we will achieve our goals. First of all, we are going to take care of the export. There are real chances to enter Poland and the Baltic states. Second and no less important is the strengthening of the new price segment and the creation of a strong brand. A wooden collection, presumably, in June will be placed on our showcase, and, I hope, in the coming months we will open "May" in other shopping centers.

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