In Bulunsky Ulus, Newborns Are More Often Given The Names Cyril, Mark, Victoria And Aigylaana

In Bulunsky Ulus, Newborns Are More Often Given The Names Cyril, Mark, Victoria And Aigylaana
In Bulunsky Ulus, Newborns Are More Often Given The Names Cyril, Mark, Victoria And Aigylaana
Video: In Bulunsky Ulus, Newborns Are More Often Given The Names Cyril, Mark, Victoria And Aigylaana
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On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of civil registration authorities in Russia, the correspondent of the newspaper "Mayak Arctic" met with the head of the Civil Registry Office for the Bulunsky District Maria Gulyaeva. - The work of employees of the registry office by and large consists in serving people, in a kind and sensitive attitude towards them in moments of joy and sadness. They are unwitting witnesses to the most important human events, fateful changes, tragedies and happiness. Maria Alexandrovna, have the functions of the registry office changed?

- From year to year, the functions of our work remain unchanged, but necessary for each person. This is the state registration of acts of civil status, the commission of legally significant actions. In addition to these main functions, the registry office is obliged to ensure the safety of the archive fund, to form an electronic database, to provide organizations and officials with information on state registration of acts of civil status. And in general - to implement the state policy in the field of family law, to carry out activities aimed at increasing the prestige of the family. This is the number one task for us.

According to the statistics of the registry office, this year the number of marriages has decreased. So, in 2015, 56 new families were formed in Bulunsky ulus, in 2016 48 couples registered their relationship.

- And the number of newborns?

- The main demographic process is undoubtedly the birth rate. And this year the trend is increasing. According to the latest data, the birth of 101 babies was registered in the Bulun registry office, including 50 boys and 51 girls. In 2015, 81 babies were born: 39 boys and 42 girls. For the first time in the last three years, two twins have been registered in our department.

The most popular names in the area among boys are Cyril, Mark, Anatoly, Andrey. Girls are more often given the names Victoria, Aigylaana, Arina, Kira. Rare and unusual names - Stanislav, Rustam, Roman, Renat, Yaroslava, Elina, Evelina, Sophia.

- How often do young people apply for divorce?

- Most often, such a decision is approached quite deliberately. This is not an easy step, and it certainly has its own background. The stability of early marriages is negatively affected by the reduced responsibility for the fate of the family, unpreparedness for family life, unwillingness to take on certain responsibilities, everyday problems, and unemployment.

Sometimes it happens that one of the spouses does not want a divorce, and in such cases it sometimes makes sense to talk, try to influence what is happening. Especially if the spouses are very young and decide to divorce in the heat of the moment, after another quarrel. Sometimes parents of young wives and husbands call and ask to take some measures to keep the family together. There are often cases when not so much wanting a divorce, but only scaring each other. In 2016, 29 couples terminated the family union, which is seven more than in the past.

- What, in your opinion, is the secret of family happiness?

- Each family has its own recipe. Perhaps in the ability to be tolerant of each other, the ability to take care of the other half, to understand and forgive.

- Your wishes to young families on the eve of the New Year.

- It seems to me that the main thing for every person is family, relatives, home. It is in the family that we learn how to build relationships, how to love, behave, distinguish between good and evil. Only a family gives a person a sense of security, comfort, joy and care. The family is not only a husband and a wife, it is a house in which cheerful, sonorous children's voices sound. And the more happy families we have, the stronger and more beautiful our republic will be.May every new day greet you with love and care of family and friends. Health, peace and harmony, mutual understanding and respect, joy and happiness to all families in the new year!

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