Stylish Options For Clothing For Home

Stylish Options For Clothing For Home
Stylish Options For Clothing For Home

Video: Stylish Options For Clothing For Home

Video: Stylish Options For Clothing For Home
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Many people think that at home you can look whatever you want and not worry about fashion trends. It is this "whatever you like" that some girls take in the literal sense and wear things in which it is no longer possible to go out - a washed T-shirt, old jeans. We urge you to throw away this unnecessary stuff and replace it with stylish and comfortable sets. Fortunately, brands specializing in the production of home textiles have a huge selection of comfortable clothes.

Home dress

Home dress Eres, 33 250 rubles.

Home dress Incanto, 3999 rubles.

Tunic Laete, 4320 rubles.

Home dress Antigel, 6060 rubles.

Home dress Women'secret, 1430 rub.

If you are a fan of feminine style and dresses, do not cheat on yourself in the choice of home clothes. Pay attention to cozy everyday options: fitted dresses, straight and loose cut models or in the Empire style.

Suit for home

Calvin Klein suit, trousers RUB 4500, T-shirt RUB 3000.

Suit Wildfox Couture, trousers 7000 rubles, sweatshirt 6450 rubles.

Trousers Petit Pas, 9000 rubles.

Pants Incanto, 1699 rubles.

Uniqlo fleece home suit, 2999 rubles.

Pants Victoria's Secret Pink, 2450 RUB.

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The home textile brands have an arsenal of elegant suits in soft velor, cotton and knitwear. The style of home dress depends on your preferences - choose a suit with a sporty touch, with feminine ruffles or a laconic casual option.

Cozy pajamas

Asos satin pajama set, £ 28

Pajamas with animal print Next, 2499 rubles.

Pajamas DKNY, 3600 rubles.

Pajamas Victoria's Secret Pink, 4179 RUB.

Pajamas Next, 2849 rubles.

A cute pajamas made of melange cotton or warm flannel will instantly take you back to childhood - for this, choose models with a comfortable cut and a funny motif. And luxurious satin pajamas with colorful prints, paisley, floral or geometric patterns will come in handy for a cozy weekend with your girlfriends.


Bathrobe Luna di Seta, 25,000 rubles.

Bathrobe Ted Baker, 4038 rubles.

Kimono H&M, 1699 rubles.

Bathrobe Boux Avenue, 3076 rubles.

Minkpink dressing gown, 3999 rubles.

Pajama robe Asos, RUB 1380

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Don't discount the dressing gowns: trendy and beautiful models can be a great option for home wear. In a velor or terry robe with feminine elements, greet the morning with a cup of coffee in your hands, and leave a sexy lace robe for a languid evening with a continuation. The main thing is to choose high-quality materials and noble shades.


Jumpsuit Oysho, 3600 rubles.

Jumpsuit Y. A. S, 4615 rubles.

Jumpsuit Love Josephine, 2749 rubles.

A comfortable jumpsuit that does not hinder movement will become a real salvation for girls who do not want to think over an image for the house in detail. In a kigurumi jumpsuit in the shape of a funny animal, you can enjoy a lazy Sunday with family and friends, drink cocoa and watch a movie. And models in a trendy pajama style will best emphasize your femininity and elegance.

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