New Items Of The Month: 14 Beauty Editions Of July That Will Bring You Back To Summer Mood

New Items Of The Month: 14 Beauty Editions Of July That Will Bring You Back To Summer Mood
New Items Of The Month: 14 Beauty Editions Of July That Will Bring You Back To Summer Mood

Video: New Items Of The Month: 14 Beauty Editions Of July That Will Bring You Back To Summer Mood

Video: New Items Of The Month: 14 Beauty Editions Of July That Will Bring You Back To Summer Mood
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Gel lipstick collection by Revlon

The prerequisites for fashionable summer lip makeup are a light shade and a moist gloss. Therefore, we advise you to abandon the usual tints for the sake of pigmented lipsticks with a gel texture. The new Revlon gel line is formulated to maximize color and care. For the last benefit, thank the hyaluronic acid in the composition.

Limited Edition Chubby Stick Lip Balm by Clinique x Crayola

This summer, Clinique is seriously inviting us to return to childhood. Together with Crayola crayons, they have released a line of lip balms, in the shape and colors of the packaging reminiscent of the legendary children's art crayons. In addition, the Clinique experts were not lazy and did a little research (don't ask how!): It turns out that if we use a new balm 3 times a day, it will end no earlier than in six months (this means that in 10 years on your lips it will take only 20 tubes, for a minute).

Vice Liquid Lipstick Collection by Urban Decay

Since the first launch, Vice lipsticks have been added to the must-lists of top makeup artists and bloggers. Needless to say, the liquid version of the beauty junkies line was awaited with special trepidation? New items in 30 shades and 2 textures (matte and metallic) are already being sorted out in corners and on the Urban Decay website. And if you have a desire to test them and other brand products for free, come to the adidas Base Moscow space - there, from July 9 until the end of summer, the brand's makeup artists will teach the makeup of everyone (and will make their own for free!), Will let you touch, shade and apply all the products you like.

Capsule collection Mini Divas by Kiko Milano

If it is important for you that the products in the cosmetic bag look not only beautiful, but also fashionable, we immediately say that you are not crazy. The new Kiko Milano capsule includes travel versions of the most essential makeup and care products on vacation in an exclusive design by Benedetta Bruzzikes, who on ordinary days creates bags and accessories for her own namesake brand. In general, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the brand, many such collections are planned at the intersection of makeup and fashion, so stay tuned.

Rebooting Boi-ing Concealers from Benefit

The line of concealers under the ambitious slogan "Photoshop in real life" includes three products: brightening, moisturizing and industrial strength concealer. The first one removes pigmentation and traces of fatigue, the second hides dark circles and takes care of dry skin, and the third hides everything that prevents you from being beautiful, providing a dense coverage. The new products have in common that each lasts 10 hours, does not crack and does not catch the eye in live mode.

New Swirl sponge from beautyblender

For those who could not decide on their favorite sponge color for a long time, beautyblender came up with Swirl - not pink, not white, but two in one! By its appearance, the novelty is similar to summer ice cream and, just like its monotonous predecessors, it saves your foundation and provides an even coverage. Manufacturers carefully remind: before applying makeup, the sponge must be slightly wetted.

Radiance Concentrated Essence from Caudalie

In response to the love of beauty lovers for the Vinoperfect line, the brand's experts have come up with a new product, the number of functions of which any salon care will envy. The essence is recommended to be used before applying a serum from the same series. The product works against redness as well as hydration, radiance and exfoliation of dead skin cells. In short, it does everything to make you give up makeup in the summer.

Cream-gel "Cleansing + Care" with an updated formula from "Black Pearl"

Before you stuff your skin with serums, creams and other elements of your skin care system, it would be a good idea to thoroughly cleanse and tone it. And sometimes, just to read one step-by-step guide to perfect skin, it takes time for a full-fledged salon procedure. For those who appreciate every free minute "Black Pearl" has created a product that begins to care for the skin already at the stage of cleansing. How it works? The formula of the gel consists of an active serum, so after rinsing the product with water, the caring components of the serum remain on the skin and continue their work.

The legendary Arte e Natura mask from the Italian salon Domenico Castello (only for home hair care)

The salon's most popular spa treatment, Arte e Natura, is now available to take with you. The to go version, like the salon, consists of Italian herbs, olive oil and lemon with the addition of avocado (the latter is at the request of the client). These ingredients were mixed in one bowl by stylist Domenico Castello for a reason. And for a unique complex of vitamins (including A and E), thanks to which damaged hair follicles are restored. The fatty acids in the oil gently cleanse the scalp from dead cells and provide it with adequate nutrition, lemon gives the hair vitamin C, prevents hair loss and fights dandruff. That's all the magic.

Infusion de Rose by Prada

Through the efforts of Miuccia Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrieu, the Les Infusions de Prada line has been replenished with an eighth fragrance. The highlight of the program, as the name suggests, is the rose. More precisely, there are two of them in the composition of the aroma at once - Bulgarian and Turkish. And since rose for those inexperienced in perfumery and rose in Turkey, the creators emphasized the uniqueness of the main accord with a mix of mint, mandarin, beeswax and mate. It turned out very much even nothing.

Summer Collection by NARS (co-authored with Charlotte Gainsbourg)

As is often the case with stellar limits, the NARS collection contains all the tools without which Charlotte Gainsbourg cannot imagine her makeup. By the main products of the line, you can already understand how the actress makes her favorite smokey ice and what lipstick she chooses for the evening.

Limited collection of Sorbet hair brushes by Wet Brush

While preparing this limit, Wet Brush assumed that the summer would be so hot that we would not get off with ice cream alone. Hence the cooling name and shades of blueberry and strawberry sorbet. In the weather, the guys did not get a little, but the combs, which, by the way, unravel the most difficult knots quickly and without pain, just ask for the bedside table, and preferably immediately on Instagram.

Unicorn rubber band collection by invisibobble

Unicorns have become beauty superstars over the past couple of years. And as the most ordinary celebrities, they simply cannot remain without a pair. Meet the first unicorn star blob - Ellie and Henry - in the invisibobble summer collection. Now they really have everything like people.

Tangle Teezer Salsa Red Curly Brush

Owners of thick and curly hair can now take a comb with them everywhere. The novelty from Tangle Teezer in a seasonal shade of hot sauce salsa and knots will unravel and prove to those around you that you are on top.

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