How To Recognize The Third Sex In Yourself

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How To Recognize The Third Sex In Yourself
How To Recognize The Third Sex In Yourself
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Have you ever felt that in various situations you behave in a way that is not typical of your gender? If so, are you a genderqueer?


In a nutshell, this term can be explained as a non-traditional gender identity that differs from the standard female or male. Does the feeling that you are "neither a boy nor a girl" come at an early age, or does it come with age? As those who have long abandoned the binary system of gender say, this feeling is usually present from an early age, and only increases with age.

Stars openly about their "third field"

The sensational American TV series Billions for the first time in the history of television showed a character with a non-binary gender identity. Rising hedge fund star Taylor Mason, whose essence is not identified with either a man or a woman, from the very beginning asks to speak about themselves "they" instead of "she" or "he". According to the American psychologist Diane Ehrenzaft, in the vast majority of people, at birth, gender identity and gender coincide. However, in some cases, a person's biology and his / her gender identity may differ.

British feminist journalist Laurie Penny says about herself like this: “I never felt like a woman to the end, but I didn't want to be a man either. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be something in between. Quoting Ruby Rose: "I call myself a girl, but only because my choices are limited."

Among public people, actress Ruby Rose, singer Miley Cyrus and actress Asha Keith Dillon, who also asks to use her name instead of pronouns, also openly declare their "third gender".

Musician Billy Bottle, who said in an interview, that from childhood it always seemed not entirely normal to him, that he was treated like a boy. “When I was little, I didn't fit in anywhere. And, despite the fact that I am a boy, I have always really liked girlish hobbies and even ballet. " According to the musician, when he learned about the concept of a non-binary gender identity, he literally recovered his sight. After all, what he read was written as if about him. “It was like something that I always guessed or dreamed about, but at the same time literally forbade myself to express it openly, surfaced to the surface,” the musician commented on the situation.

Mike Cartwright, another heroine of the publication of an authoritative foreign publication, said that sometimes she is not at all averse to looking like a girl and behaving like a girl, but the rest of the time, Mike feels like a mixture of two genders.

Thousands of years ago, people knew about other sexes

For the first time, the concept of the third sex was openly discussed not so long ago. Although the very concept of the third sex existed thousands of years ago. For example, in Indonesia, since ancient times, as many as 5 sexes have been recognized! In India and Pakistan, 3 sexes have long been recognized, as in Mexico, Thailand and the Indian tribes of North America.

In the modern world, the binary gender system has long lost its relevance, but it has only recently begun to openly discuss issues of self-identification. Moreover, thanks to the exceptionally loud coming-outs of such stars as Caitlyn Jenner and the Wachowski sisters.

Today, among the countries that have officially recognized the third sex, one can name such as Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

What do psychologists say?

According to the psychologist, gender is not always feminine or masculine. It can be located at an arbitrary point in the spectrum between these opposite poles. As you can see, the third sex usually implies disagreement with your biological sex. People consider themselves either representatives of a different gender, or even deny their existence within the framework of a binary gender system.Today, gender norms are becoming more and more blurred. Genderqueers are people who believe that their gender identity or gender expression does not fit into the traditional "masculine" and "feminine" categories. In a broad sense, the term "genderqueer" is used to refer to different types of gender identity, including agegender, bigender, and gender fluid. For many people, transgender transition begins with realizing their gender identity. However, this process can be emotionally painful and, for many, is further complicated by a lack of information.

According to American psychologist Diane Ehrenzaft, genderqueer is not synonymous with transgender and transsexual. By the way, even literally at the end of the 19th century, the word "queer", which means "strange", was preferred to be used for a derogatory description of homosexual relationships. Today, many LGBT people use the word “queer” solely to strip it of its derogatory connotations. However, it is not yet in general use. According to the correctness, it is better to use it only if the person identifies himself in this way.

What do we have?

In modern Russia, the process of transgender transition is still significantly complicated by transphobia. As practice shows, widespread both among ordinary citizens and among psychologists, transphobia in recent years has begun to significantly manifest itself at the state level.

According to statistics, the majority of Russian transgender people are afraid to come out even in front of their closest people. After coming out, almost 93% of people faced violent negative emotions from those around them, and another 23% - with open violence from their own relatives and the same amount - with violence from outsiders.

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