Treasure Island: Baselworld Jewelry Masterpieces

Treasure Island: Baselworld Jewelry Masterpieces
Treasure Island: Baselworld Jewelry Masterpieces

Video: Treasure Island: Baselworld Jewelry Masterpieces

Video: Treasure Island: Baselworld Jewelry Masterpieces
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Choosing the very best jewelry at the Baselworld watch and jewelry exhibition is a rather pointless exercise, because only such items are presented on local showcases. Therefore, we decided to limit ourselves to collections and amazing products in a single copy, which are especially interesting for the history of their creation.

Carrera y carrera

For many centuries, a beautiful legend has lived in China about a dragon and a cruel emperor who wanted to kidnap his fire in order to take over the whole world. For his purpose, the ruler sent a beautiful daughter to the monster's lair. But love won - despite his inevitable death, the dragon gave her the flame in exchange for a kiss. The ancient history has developed into the sculptural gold jewelry Carrera y Carrera, which has joined the most famous collection of Círculos de Fuego. The bracelet in the shape of a dragon wrapped around the wrist is covered with colored diamonds - yellow, white and very rare green. The head with the mane and the scaly body of the mythical creature are masterly executed with the help of carving.

de Grisogono

Fawaz Gruosi, creative director and founder of de Grisogono, is again a bully - this time he presented the jewelry in the form of seven characteristic characters. For example, Frankie's snake of three hundred tsavorites, for example, returned from a party in the morning - raise his glasses and see a hypnotic look, and Buddy's octopus ladies' man will conquer even the most inaccessible beauty - for this he only has to move his mustache made of black diamonds. Thanks to the most sophisticated technique, parts of the products have become mobile, which allows you to play with rings and pendants like with precious toys.

Harry winston

Harry Winston Jewelry House is faithful to its New York roots and this time recalls the era of the 30s, when Broadway was the center of social life in the “big apple”. Theatrical binoculars with a built-in clock, created by the masters in a single copy, became an unexpected find at the exhibition. The case of Broadway Glasses is completely covered with diamonds, in contrast to which the tubes of black onyx lenses look spectacular - a real work of art!


The bohemian Paris of the 1920s is the theme that Valerie Messica chose for her “jewelery piece”. At this time, a new fashion was born in France, which called on a woman to declare herself and to be liberated. Clothes became more comfortable, jewelry took on clean lines. These ideas are close to Valerie, no wonder her creative credo is to create jewelry with diamonds for every day. Messika's iridescent necklaces and long earrings are reminiscent of wondrous shiny threads, while collar necklaces with multiple rows of diamonds evoke fabric flowing over the skin. To create this effect, jewelers spent over 600 hours working with stones. Fans of "heavy luxury" bought the entire collection on the spot.

Pasquale bruni

Eugenia Bruni attaches great importance to the philosophy of his jewelry and puts a deep meaning in each collection. The Bon Ton ring quartet, for example, is dedicated to goddesses who have given women energy and strength for centuries. Each of the four heroines has its own stone. Milky quartz is Selena, the goddess of the moon, powdery quartz is dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite, and light blue and pink chalcedony praise the patroness of mothers Isis and the Indian goddess of wealth Lakshmi. Eugenia Bruni figuratively says that there is a goddess in any woman, it is important to enlist her support with the help of special jewelry symbols.


Chopard jewelers have accomplished the impossible and woven the finest lace from strong precious stones. These openwork pendant earrings and a patterned necklace with floral motifs are crafted from diamonds and pear-shaped sapphires. In the same collection, one of the most interesting High Jewelery pieces of this year is presented - a watch on a bracelet consisting of two intertwined ribbons with intricate "embroidery" of diamonds of different cuts. Shining stones in addition line the round dial.

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