Makhachkala: Glamor Against All Odds

Makhachkala: Glamor Against All Odds
Makhachkala: Glamor Against All Odds
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Makhachkala is a fashionable city. If someone wants to argue with this, let him just go to any university in between couples - solid material for street style photography. Makhachkala is also a city of fashion heroes, because looking stylish where even Zara is not represented is a real heroism. Here, the style still has (thank goodness) obvious gender differences and no social differences - people with low incomes can look really cool. And fashion is also built into the canons of religion and traditions here.

Makhachkala: glamor against all odds
Makhachkala: glamor against all odds

Sabina, 24 years old, director of a video editing studio

- Variety is what comes to my mind first. The way I dress is considered by many to be extravagant, but I don't think so. I try to dress appropriately for the situation: I will not choose heels and a bondo dress for a walk in the park or for work, but there are situations for them in my life. I love accessories very much and I think that it is they who make the image. I have not been shopping for a long time - I prefer to shop online. I collect several images for myself, record and start monitoring online stores. I never put myself before the choice “nice or comfortable”, I combine these two concepts.

Zaira, 28, founder of a Muslim clothing brand

- I believe that a woman can look beautiful and not “threatening”, while observing the canons of Islam, and I try to prove it with my style. It seems to me that it is much more important for a woman in Muslim clothing to look stylish and modern than it seems. I am a girl in a hijab, and every time I travel outside Dagestan, I see how different the attitude towards me is, depending on how I am dressed. If I am stylishly dressed, then even in Moscow I am constantly mistaken for a foreigner and treated to me in a completely different way than when I am in a "long dress with a flower." Moreover, I often participate in business negotiations, and I need to look accordingly. With my clothes, I demonstrate that I am not a muslin girl and that I must be reckoned with, so I mainly choose business suits, created taking into account the requirements of my religion. In everyday life, I prefer their relaxed version - pajama-style suits.

Nurbagand, 53, businessman

- Well, I like beautiful clothes, beautiful interiors, beautiful food. For me, it’s all connected. Of course, I don’t read glossy magazines, I don’t follow the catwalk and I don’t google what color is the most fashionable now, but you cannot call me an adherent of strict classics. Relatives consider me a fashionista, they constantly try to count how many hats and pairs of shoes I have. It's good that they don't succeed - they lose count (laughs). Yes, I like to buy clothes, I can buy a thing at a very high price and very low with the same interest, but I am not attached to shopping, I do not dream of it at night. Many people, especially the older generation, wear what they wore 20 years ago, and therefore, perhaps, my style and my attitude towards clothes seem unusual. We don’t ride horses, we don’t send each other letters by mail, we use new technologies, we buy the newest models of phones, TVs, cars. People should be modern. How many times have I noticed that men, whose taste remained in the 90s, prefer the same methods at work as then. The ability to find and express oneself in the present tense and circumstances is the task of any person, and clothing is part of this task.

Naida, 34, business coach

- My style is determined by my work: most of the time I spend there. Business style is very close and pleasant to me, I even have my own fetish: for whatever I go to the store, I come back from there with a jacket. Fortunately, the dress code leaves room for creativity. For example, I recently discovered that in a business style, you can very actively exploit color, albeit choosing restrained styles.I do not try to keep abreast of all fashion trends, but I follow what the designers have to offer. Fashion helps me to look at my wardrobe from different angles.

Kamila, 27 years old, Amina's mom

- I am a very mobile person, and my clothes should be as comfortable as possible and correspond to my habits and dynamism. I walk a lot. Of course, I, like any girl, sometimes want to wear heels and an evening dress, but this happens to me extremely rarely. At the same time, I want to look stylish and love the details: be it an original manicure or a brooch, a scarf with a witty print or glasses in an unusual frame. With the birth of a daughter, comfort became even more important, but there was also a desire to look more "like a girl." I love the family look and try to match my daughter in details, our favorite with her is comfortable and stylish sneakers, although she does not walk yet, but I think, like my mother, she will appreciate details and comfort.

Lyudmila, 58 years old, chief accountant

- Although I prefer not to meet by clothes, I think that clothes are an important part of a person's image. A person does not always have a second chance to prove himself, and the appearance can tell everything in one second. And if a person claims something, this should be manifested in his manner of dressing. I love bright colors, but I try to wear them so that others are comfortable next to me, so that they correctly understand me and my mood. I can be a woman at work and a young girl on vacation - my clothes allow me to reflect my mood. Style has always helped both in work and in personal relationships. I go not only to shops, but also to museums - I believe that fashion is associated with different types of art. It helps me to shape my taste and accept new things. My example of style and elegance is Natalia Fateeva. Remember her in the movie "3 + 2"? I always liked how she looks and how she presents herself, often inspired by her images.

Dayana, 31, housewife

- Before, I very closely followed the shows of all the designers I was interested in, I knew the schedule of fashion weeks, now I just look at the current trends from time to time. Therefore, I form my style, rather, intuitively. I have no "fashion authorities", but there are those whose sense of style I admire, although I do not always share their views on clothing. And these are very different people. For example, the restrained Sheikha Moza and the shocking Anna Dello Russo. I myself can look very different. I buy clothes on trips or order from buyers. The most stylish country, no matter how trite it sounds, is still Italy: both schoolchildren and pensioners look very relevant and interesting there.

Zaira, 20 years old, student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

- When buying things, I rely on my taste, flair and mood. Probably, I cannot be considered a fan of feminine style, I feel much more comfortable in jeans than in dresses. There are different colors in my wardrobe, but neutrals dominate: black, white, gray. It seems to me that bright colors distract from the personality itself, and I would like people to be interested in me without attaching great importance to how I look.

Arsen, 29, videographer

- I love to travel, I often go to different cities and countries with friends, and shopping is a must on these trips. I always find time to shop and when I am in the capital for work. Since my occupation requires freedom of movement from me, I would even say, sometimes maneuverability, I prefer a sporty style. Sport chic? Yes exactly. This style allows me to feel free and at the same time not look like I came there straight from the gym in a wedding shoot with guests in suits.

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