25 Things To Do Before Age 50

25 Things To Do Before Age 50
25 Things To Do Before Age 50

Video: 25 Things To Do Before Age 50

Video: 25 Things To Do Before Age 50
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The average human life expectancy in developed countries is about 75 years. This is only about 27,380 days, of which the readers of this article, most likely, have already lived half. People regularly make so-called bucket lists - a listing of what they want to do in life. Below are the things that are most common on the “make it to 50” lists. The most popular items are about travel and love.

1. Learn a foreign language. A foreign language is not just a convenient tool for communicating with people with a different background and culture, it is also a different system of views on the world.

2. Visit Paris. Perhaps it will disappoint you, but if you do not get to know this legendary European capital personally, it will be even sadder.

3. Go on a long road trip alone or with a friend. Nothing broadens horizons more than acquaintance with new countries without interfering with impressions of the "stratum" of travel agents, guides and tour groups.

4. Fall in love to the point of unconsciousness. Even if it breaks your heart. Strong emotions are what makes a person feel alive.

5. Swim naked under the stars at night. Nudist beaches and warm sea are the perfect combination to find harmony with your body.

6. Jump with a parachute. Challenge yourself with fear and horror!

7. Do a movie, TV commercial or interview on TV. Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame.

8. Celebrate the New Year on an exotic island under the palm trees. After all, you were not hired "every year, December 31" to walk through a blizzard to the bathhouse.

9. Get drunk at the party and have a fast-paced romance. Close communication with a stranger you like is a great end to the evening, if all participants express enthusiasm and agreement. No one has ever complained at the end of his life that he had too much fun sex.

10. Visit all 5 continents. As Mark Twain said, "in old age we will only regret that we have traveled little and loved little."

11. Experiment with looks. Dye your hair blue, change your haircut, insert new teeth. Get a tattoo if you have thought about it for a long time. Your body is your business.

12. Gather friends, rent a yacht and sail along the Turkish or Greek shores. Sea, sail and friends - these are the impressions of which there should be as many as possible in a person's life.

13. Learn to apologize and admit your mistakes. You don't want to end your life with the same die-hard three-year-old that you were at the beginning.

14. Decorate your home with your own designs. You have lived for years with the same inherited renovation, and you habitually do not notice the darkened wallpaper? Make DIY repairs while you are young. It's not that expensive if you plan ahead and do it yourself. Otherwise, you will live your whole life until old age in a wretched, shabby apartment.

15. Look at a solar eclipse. This rarely happens, but in a few decades you can find a moment and see.

16. Go in for sports. Learn to climb rocks or pull up a tightrope. The sooner you start, the better your body will be and the longer it will last for you.

17. Sleep under the stars in the desert.

18. Forgive yourself. Let go of old regrets. Don't waste time and energy on regrets.

19. Overcome your phobia. Are you afraid of anything? Heights, darkness? Try to understand where this phobia came from and defeat it.

20. Start your own business. Better to try and regret than not to try at all. What if it burns out?

21. Learn a new skill. Don't stop learning new things.

22. Quit your boring job, stop communicating with a rude and unpleasant boss. Otherwise, you will regret not doing it later in life.

23. Leave your hometown. Live in another city for at least a year.

24. Ask parents about their parents and childhood. Do not have time to ask in time - you will never know.

25. Write a memoir or fantasy novel. You probably have something to say and remember.

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