What Does Big Little Lies Teach Women?

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What Does Big Little Lies Teach Women?
What Does Big Little Lies Teach Women?

Video: What Does Big Little Lies Teach Women?

Video: What Does Big Little Lies Teach Women?
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What's the secret? In addition to the fact that HBO series is in principle doomed to success - remember such hits as Sex and the City, True Detective, and Game of Thrones - and the star cast leaves the project no room for failure, Big Little lies”believably tells the stories of different women.


It is not difficult to find a reflection of your life situation in it, and maybe an answer to unsolvable questions.

So different, but forced to be together

The plot of the series is built around parents whose children go to the same class in a school in Monterey. Against the backdrop of California's gorgeous natural environment, dramas unfold in luxury homes, old hopes dashed and new ones springing up.

There is a story in the series about unsuccessful marriages and ex-husbands - the heroine played by Reese Witherspoon, Madeleine, is jealous of children and ex-husband Nathan (James Tupper) to his new wife Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz). Over the course of 7 episodes, the three of them are trying to establish at least some human relations, to come to a compromise on the issue of raising children, but everything always goes awry.

In addition, Madeleine's relationship with her current husband, Ed (Adam Scott), is bursting at the seams, and the children no longer see her as an authority. Difficult relationships between two families do not look far-fetched on the screen - alas, in real life, “together until the grave” happens to couples infrequently. All cases are unique, but “Big Little Lies” at least gives hope that no matter how hopeless and confusing everything is, the two “exes” have a chance to improve relations so that the children do not suffer.

With eyes wide shut

The star of the film with such an intriguing name, Nicole Kidman, plays Celeste in the series - the mother of twins, a successful lawyer in the past and the wife of her handsome husband (Alexander Skarsgard) in the present. From the outside, Celeste's life seems like a fairy tale - a luxurious house on the ocean coast, a young and passionate husband, girlfriends, children. You can only see this fairy tale by closing your eyes to the bruises that appear on Celeste's body "by themselves" and anxiety in the presence of her husband.

Domestic violence is not an easy topic. However, the creators of Big Little Lies plucked up the courage and told Celeste's story: look, this happens to rich and successful women too. Celeste is able to break free from the shackles of her manipulative husband thanks to the support of her friends and the advice of a psychologist. By her example, Celeste shows that a person should be responsible for his own life and make volitional decisions.

We all have skeletons in the closet

The series tells not only about relationships, there is also a criminal line there. In addition to the main intrigue - a mysterious murder in the very first episode - we are faced with a crime that happened in the life of Jane, the heroine of Shailene Woodley. Jane arrived in Monterey with her son Zaggy, but no matter how much she moved, the ghosts of the past relentlessly follow her.

Jane became a victim of violence and her son was born. How to find the strength to live on? What heals better - revenge, or an attempt to forget everything and start from scratch? The creators of the series do not give an unequivocal answer to these questions, but they suggest that keeping silent and keeping everything to yourself is not the best option. Even after going through such a test, you can and should find the strength to start trusting people again. In Monterey, Jane finds her friends, Madeleine and Celeste.

Not free from skeletons in the closet and Renata is the embodiment of Laura Dern's success. Her example shows that it will not work to build human relations according to the laws of business, and family and children require no less attention than a career.

Big little kids

Finally, the series teaches you to be more attentive to children, and the main thing is to educate them not in words, but in deeds. With frightening reliability, the authors show how children are able to adopt the parental model of behavior: the mother is afraid and lies all the time - the child will lie too, the mother considers herself the most important - the child is not far from conceit, and so on.

As a result, neither teachers nor psychologists can reconcile the children and sort out the school conflict - because until the parents sort out their adult problems and improve relations with each other, the children will regularly repeat their mistakes.

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