Bad Form: Things On Social Media That Annoy

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Bad Form: Things On Social Media That Annoy
Bad Form: Things On Social Media That Annoy

Video: Bad Form: Things On Social Media That Annoy

Video: Bad Form: Things On Social Media That Annoy
Video: Как социальные сети влияют на вас уже сегодня 2023, June

Ever notice how other people's social networks freak out? Here we are watching someone's Instagram, and it just infuriates: everything is wrong and everything is wrong. Collected the main reasons to hate other people's accounts.

Selfie behind the curtain


Who is taking pictures behind the curtains today? This is just obscene tasteless. But no, there are still such young ladies, and I want to remind all of them: it's 2017!

Photo of bouquets

The same goes for huge armfuls of flowers.


he pampers”; "I barely got through the door"; "The bouquet is as big as my love for you, dear." Tin.

Quotes under the photo

It's clear how many times Freud would have turned over in his coffin if he knew how many other people's buttocks on Instagram were signed with his quotes?

Pseudo-conceptual photography

yur took a picture? Pretty boy! Deep, minimal, and fits well with your Instagram. For complete happiness, it remains only to add a lonely olive in a glass and someone's hole in tights.

Lots of Instagram Stories

we all once sinned with them at merry parties, concerts or just in a good bow. It seems that the tape was not spammed, but it seemed that they showed themselves.


If someone posts 10 photos per day to the main account, this is already a problem that can be dealt with only by one method - by unsubscribing.


who is promoting through hashtags? #instalike, #instagirl, #vscocam and #followforfollow should have stayed in 2012!

Long posts under the pictures

everything is simple: everyone is too lazy to read them.

Likes from your ex

Favorite: you go to the account of some beauty (at best), see her photo from three years ago and see your ex's like under it. It seems nothing like that, no one owes anything to anyone, but it still enrages you!

Posts in English

our 600 subscribers - 10 Americans? You don't have to go out of your way and translate the text of your post into English, because no one is interested in how they made your homework and went out with your friends today.

Errors in English

But the worst thing is the mistakes in these very posts in English.



Not only do the texts themselves most often do not represent anything of value, so also the majority of them have trouble with grammar. Therefore, if you want to sign your photo with the hashtag #luharivuman, first look into the dictionary.

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