What Can His Nose Tell About A Person?

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What Can His Nose Tell About A Person?
What Can His Nose Tell About A Person?
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Some experts are convinced that the shape of the nose can determine not only the character, but also the fate of a person. Look for your nose shape and find out if it really is.


A nose of medium length and width without humps is the most beautiful in terms of aesthetics. The owners of such a nose are usually confident in themselves, they know what they want from life and do not allow others to lead them astray. In addition, they are very hardworking, calm and reserved.


One of the most famous owners of a smooth, elongated nose with a slightly curved tip is Sophia Loren. As a rule, such girls are distinguished by their aristocratic appearance and femininity, but at the same time they have a strong masculine character. From the outside, they sometimes seem arrogant, but in fact they are extremely sensitive and patient with loved ones.


A completely straight nose with narrow nostrils speaks of conservatism, loyalty and frugality of its owner. Despite the fact that these people do not like to show their feelings, they are always sincere in their actions and thoughts. In addition, strong leadership qualities are often hidden behind their gentleness and tact.


These women are extremely charming, which is why they never go unnoticed. People themselves are drawn to them, and they are not averse to maintaining a pleasant conversation. In addition, such people have a great sense of humor, a passion for travel and new acquaintances.

Aquiline nose

Owners of a nose with a hump or simply an oriental nose at first glance seem cold and restrained, but at heart they are very sentimental and need a loved one nearby. Quite often, people with such a nose associate their lives with a creative profession.


The long, flared nose with the tip curved downward gives off an ambitious, decisive and passionate nature. These people go ahead to their goal, without waiting for their turn. They strive to build a brilliant career and meet true love, and, oddly enough, they all succeed. But only by completely surrendering to their business or their partner, they will demand the same in return.

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