8 Things You Will Definitely Need On Vacation Wherever You Go

8 Things You Will Definitely Need On Vacation Wherever You Go
8 Things You Will Definitely Need On Vacation Wherever You Go
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What day is today?


On vacation, it is necessary to rest, and not to count the days, but to the question "What day is it today?" you can still answer. And yes, even while sunbathing on a sun lounger by the pool without saying a word. In the wake of the success of the Rainbow Week sweater capsule, Alberta Ferretti has released multi-colored swimwear for every day of the week. Spoiler alert: Monday in the collection doesn't look heavy.

Alberta ferretti

Comfortable (and beautiful) shoes

Slides and flat sandals without unnecessary straps are the most comfortable trend of the season ever. Of course, here your choice should at least a little hint at summer, so fresh spring-summer and cruise collections are at your feet.

Charlotte olympia

Maxi dress

Firstly, it is convenient to wear it for day walks and night parties. Secondly, it is easy to turn into a skirt using a sweatshirt. But more on that later.



You can wear it with anything: with skirts, trousers and even dresses (see the previous paragraph). And the most resolute silhouette can be found in the latest collaboration between Rebook and Local Heroes.

Rebook x Local Heroes


About how to properly wear it to the office, we have already at the very least understood. And this, I must say, was the most difficult thing in the history of the bralette. But on vacation, you can throw off all unnecessary and boldly combine a fashion accessory with skirts, shorts and the most spongy cutouts of dresses.

Victoria's Secret

Beautiful frames

Colored frames - monotonous or with transitional shades - this season is the new black from optics. As for the form, oversize and half measures still rule. How do you like the idea of ​​a hexagonal circle, for example?

Vogue Eyewear

Trophy storage backpack

The moment when a convenient accessory becomes the most fashionable is really difficult to convey in words. But lately we have become accustomed to this, so the power is with the people, as they say. The hot duo of the season is leather and denim.

Chiara ferragni

Instant camera

You probably don't need to explain the beauty of snapshot in action. And the summer novelty Instax Mini 9 from Fujifilm generally produces a double effect: instant shots around the most local attractions - done, well, such a good accessory for photos on Instagram - and whatever. Or do you think why they flipped this delicious (well, sorry) lime design?

Instax Mini 9 camera in shade Green Lime, FUJIFILM

Main photo: Cop.Copine cruise collection lookbook

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