9 Ideas On How To Freshen Up Your Interior With Textiles

9 Ideas On How To Freshen Up Your Interior With Textiles
9 Ideas On How To Freshen Up Your Interior With Textiles
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Photo: Marks & Spencer


1. Textured carpets

The Nevis rug (left) is a Kimbie wool product designed by Studio Aoüt. Photo: JAB / Storm carpet from the Secrets collection (linen, viscose). Photo: Photo: La Redoute

Look for textured carpets with varying pile heights for added depth and visual dynamism, and a pleasant tactile feel when walking barefoot.

2. Unusual covers

Otomi decorative pillow with embroidery. Photo: Marks & Spencer

Asma cushion cover, woven using macrame technique. Photo: Madura

Made in deep pile Murrine Delft fabric. Photo: Designers Guild

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your interior is to change your decorative pillow covers. This summer, designers are advised to choose trendy new clothes, decorated with traditional techniques: embroidery, lace and macrame.

3. Upholstery with active pattern

Brighton sofa upholstered in natural poplin Ibiza fabric (design by Manuel Canovas). Photo: Sofas & Stuff

Sasha armchair with edging. Photo: Darlings of Chelsea

Sorrento pouf from the Anemones collection (80 × 35 cm). Photo: Missoni Home

For a significant transformation of the interior, it is enough to prefer a monochromatic upholstery of upholstered furniture "alongside" with an active pattern. In this case, fabrics with a summer thematic pattern, for example, a floral one, are relevant.

4. Bright curtains

Draperies from the Lohko collection. Photo: Scion

Roller blind Fun Party Animals. Photo: English Blinds

Roller blind from the PS 2017 series.Photo: IKEA

Cotton Jungle drape. Photo: Tom Tailor

Lupiini curtain (Connections collection). Photo: Vallila

Curtain Cirkus. Photo: Ellos Home

Another way to change the scenery is to "change" the windows. A fashionable trick is to use draperies from fabrics with a dissimilar pattern. And for protection from the scorching sun, roller blinds are best suited, with which you can easily adjust the lighting.

5. Textile lampshades

Hangers made of textiles with pom-poms. Photo: Love Frankie

Solviden LED lamps with polyester lampshade. Photo: IKEA

Flamingo table lamp with painted metal base and textile shade. Photo: Sisters Guild

It is easy to change the impression of the interior with the help of bright textile lampshades. Designers advise using them as a decorative accent in rooms with white or pastel walls. In this case, the desired frame for the light can be ordered in the studio or created on your own.

6. Finishing the head of the bed

Bed upholstered in Tetbury Spring linen with watercolors. Photo: Bluebellgray

Headboard trimmed with Tamarinda textiles in floral print. Photo: Jane Churchill

Lovers of unusual details can transform the finish of the headboard. Choose a fabric that matches the overall textile design of the bed as the material for the cover or banner. An easy way is to opt for companion fabrics from the same collection.

7. Bed linen in juicy shades

Cotton bedding set with a bright tulip field print. Photo: Zara Home

bed linen decorated with drawings on the theme of tropical flora and fauna. Photo: H&M

Percale bedding with leaf pattern. Photo: Zara Home

Bed linen and bedspread from the Jeté de Lin collection in natural linen. Photo: Blanc Cerise

Eliota bedding set with a pattern inspired by South American art. Photo: La Redoute

To create summer excitement in the bedroom, call on textiles with rich colors and vibrant patterns characteristic of this time of year. For the hot season, bed linen made of light natural fabrics is suitable.

8. Bathroom textiles

Evasion embroidered hand towel. Photo: Yves Delorme

Cotton towel set with pom poms. Photo: Zara Home

The most intimate room in the house also requires a textile makeover! For example, a set of turquoise towels will help bring a nautical feel to your bathroom. Products can also be designed with stripes or embellished with embroidery or playful pom-poms.

9. Kitchen accessories

Bloom cotton tablecloth with digitally printed watercolor floral print. Photo: Crate and Barrel

Cotton apron Uddig. Photo: IKEA

Table serving track from the Sommar 2017 collection. Photo: IKEA

Waffle kitchen towel "Honeycomb" with a floral print. Photo: Zara Home

It is advisable to change textiles not only in the dining room, but also in the kitchen, adding a few fresh accessories: a colorful potholder, an apron or a waffle towel.

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