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Matter Is Secondary
Matter Is Secondary

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Video: Matter Is Secondary
Video: Integrated Science for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). Topic- Matter 2023, June

On March 16, fashion experts from all over the world discussed at the Manege new materials and technologies that are used today in creating a huge number of catwalk and mass collections. Fashion, as you know, always reflects the mood of society. It is for this reason that Chanel, who came up with stylish clothes that are comfortable to wear for a new class of women who went to work, immediately became a style icon. The same is happening now. Despite the theatricality, fashion should always follow the mood of the people. Otherwise, from a popular utilitarian trend, it will turn into high art, which, as you know, cannot be smeared on bread or put on in frost.


“Fitbit, nanofabrics and recycling are the top three trends in apparel materials for the next ten years,” said David Monteith, director of Fashion & Apparel.


Fitbit is a technology that allows you to learn more about your body. She came into fashion from the world of electronics. Developers of fitness bracelets that measure temperature and the number of steps taken decided to implement the same sensors in T-shirts. This is how the first running leggings appeared two years ago, measuring heart rate and distance traveled. True, how quickly "wearable" technologies in design will develop is unknown, but all because of the dubious fashionable value of large-caliber sensors and wires.

“And if, for example, they look appropriate in sports clothing collections, then a compromise has not yet been found with the classics,” explains Monteith. - It is necessary either to develop miniature sensors, or to rethink the classics. Both take time and money.


As for nanotechnological fabrics, many industrial giants are already using them with might and main. So, for example, turtlenecks with sweat function, trousers that do not sit on stains, T-shirts that repel smell, wrinkle-free dresses can already be found on the shelves of many stores. And judging by how much the pace of life of townspeople is increasing, trying to catch up with sports from work, and in the interval to accommodate an English lesson and a walk with children, this trend will only develop. And so far, the only obstacle in this, according to Monteith, is washing machines.

- Even the most high-tech fabric after ten washes does not so well repel odors and stains, - he states. - Therefore, after several months of wearing socks, you need to run to the store for a new set.

By the way, it is this wear and tear of materials that leads to another global problem that worries the minds of designers and environmentalists around the world - uncontrolled consumption.


“It is a well-known fact that consumption on such a scale is causing environmental degradation due to the huge amount of waste,” says Giuzi Bettoni, Managing Director and Founder of Eco Textile Library. - Therefore, clothing recycling is not only a way out of the current environmental situation, but also the main trend in the production of fashion collections. Fashion is becoming more and more "responsible" every year.

It is no coincidence that polyester, a material made from empty plastic bottles, rules all the shows this season. And this, according to fashion experts, is only the beginning in the chain of material rebirth. A couple of years ago, a Japanese corporation patented a material called cupro, an elastic fabric made from cotton bolls left in the fields after the cotton was picked. And if ten years ago they were considered waste, today they are used to make surprisingly soft fabric for the production of underwear. The first few lingerie collections, shown at the last Milan Fashion Week, were sold out at the speed of light. This means that in fashion, almost like in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, the idea is always primary. Well, the matter is recycled again.


Short skirt and plunging neckline.

So your image will turn from a businesslike into a daring and seductive - and you will make the wrong impression.

Excess jewelry and bright makeup.

It distracts from work. Several rings on one hand and bracelets make noise when working on a computer, beads and chains make sounds when negotiating at a table - what a working mood here! Well, "war paint" is generally a gross mistake when creating a business image.

Choose cosmetics only in natural shades.

Fishnet tights.

Never wear tights with prints, arrows and coarse mesh (even flesh-colored) at any time of the year to work. This item of clothing is able to "kill" absolutely any image.

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