Volunteers Brought Food And Festive Mood

Volunteers Brought Food And Festive Mood
Volunteers Brought Food And Festive Mood

Video: Volunteers Brought Food And Festive Mood

Video: Volunteers Brought Food And Festive Mood
Video: Volunteers bring Christmas cheer to Russian medical staff 2023, June

On Sunday, January 10, the Mosvolonter center reported that since the beginning of this year, volunteers of the We Are Together campaign have completed more than 120 applications. The Vechernyaya Moskvy correspondent joined one of the volunteers.


New Year's holidays are a time when everyone wants to relax, sleep, and spend time with their family. But in a pandemic, not everyone can take care of themselves, go out for food or medicine. And for some categories of Muscovites, doctors do not recommend going out at all.

For many months already, volunteers participating in the "We are Together" campaign have come to help people from risk groups. And even on New Year's holidays, residents of the capital did not stand aside and fulfilled the requests received by the hotline.

Among the caring Muscovites who decided to devote their days off to good deeds was a 19-year-old resident of the North-Eastern District Daria Kurbatova. Back in the spring, she sent an application through the website we together.mosvolonter.rf, was instructed and began to help those who need it.

“In total, I have completed several dozen applications,” she said.

In general, the girl has been engaged in volunteering for several years. She did her first good deed on a citywide scale in 2017, and before that she was a volunteer at the school level.

“I wanted to help more people, and when I found out about the existence of the Mosvolonter center, I immediately decided to join,” she said.

Volunteering does not take Dasha much time and does not require financial investments. But the emotions that she receives in return are priceless.

The girl spent New Year's holidays in Moscow, and one of the days she decided to devote to volunteering.

“I got the opportunity, and I immediately took the first free application in my district,” she explained.

73-year-old Vladimir Vasilyevich needed help.

“He asked me to buy two ice cream cups, crackers with raisins, mint candies, straws, fermented baked milk, black bread, sushi, dumplings and light bulbs,” Daria read out the list.

Before going to the store, she phoned the applicant and once again clarified the list of products. And also warned what time she planned to arrive.

Since Daria Kurbatova is already an experienced volunteer, even in an unfamiliar store she practically had no problems finding the right products. True, the mint chocolates that Vladimir Vasilyevich ordered were not available.

“Now I’ll call and find out how they can be replaced,” the volunteer explained the rules of procedure in such a situation.

But the store had problems with communication, so Daria could not get through to Vladimir Vasilyevich. Therefore, I decided to choose sweets that are as close as possible in taste and composition.

“And there’s no light bulbs here, but it’s not scary, I’ll go to a nearby store, what if they’ll be there,” Daria added, punching the goods at the checkout. Fortunately, they did end up in the nearest supermarket. So the girl collected the order completely, after which she went home to the pensioner.

Vladimir Vasilyevich was looking forward to the volunteer. At the door we saw a kind, smiling man, but with a wand - it is clear that it is difficult for him to walk. And even more so to buy food on your own.

“Thank you very much,” he thanked Daria. - You came - and the holiday seems to continue.

Keeping a social distance, the volunteer handed over bags of groceries.

“I take great pleasure in knowing that I was able to help someone,” she said.


Ekaterina Dragunova, Chairman of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow:

- During the New Year holidays, residents who need to be at home were not left without help. New Year's volunteers, as part of the "We Are Together" campaign, delivered food and medicine to the townspeople of the older generation, as well as gifts for families who now need our care and support. Thanks to caring Muscovites, this winter a holiday has come to every home. I am grateful to all the participants of the action. This proves once again that Moscow is a kind city!

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