Autumn Promotions: "Cosmoport" Invites You To Profitable Shopping

Autumn Promotions: "Cosmoport" Invites You To Profitable Shopping
Autumn Promotions: "Cosmoport" Invites You To Profitable Shopping

Video: Autumn Promotions: "Cosmoport" Invites You To Profitable Shopping

Video: Autumn Promotions: "Cosmoport" Invites You To Profitable Shopping
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All the best for children

If you go shopping with the whole family, then, of course, you know that the first thing you need to do is buy something for the children. And, of course, it is better if the gift is not only pleasing, but also beneficial. In this case, an offer from a certified LEGO store will come in handy. Until October 31, when purchasing LEGO Star Wars ™ bricks with a loyalty card, the bonuses are doubled! Now, Saga-inspired sets can double your LEGO universe. Bonuses are available for withdrawal in 14 days from the date of purchase and are valid for one year.

All for sale

Discounts up to 40% await moms, dads and of course their beloved sons and daughters at Acoola - this is a popular brand of fashion clothes and accessories for children from 2 to 14 years old. The assortment range includes a variety of models of everyday, school, sports and festive clothing, varied in color and style, which include high quality materials. Parents appreciate the brand for its practicality, convenience and functionality, and children - for its beauty and compliance with the latest trends in adult fashion.

Take care of the environment and save your budget

Environmental protection is a ubiquitous trend today. We collect batteries, waste paper and are increasingly sorting waste. But you can help nature in different ways. So "M. Video" gives its customers a discount of 10 thousand rubles on the action "Eco trade-in *"! Also, the trading network launches environmentally friendly recycling. You need to choose a promotional product and, if you wish, order the disposal of old equipment. "We will take it out for 1 ruble," the conditions of the action read.

Hurry up to buy clothes!

The KANZLER menswear brand appeared on the Russian market more than 20 years ago. And during this time he won the love not only of representatives of the strong half of humanity, but also of their beloved women: things are durable and easy to care for. And the good news: the KANZLER Off-Season Sale has started! Discounts up to -30% are waiting for you on the selected assortment of the store. Jackets, jumpers, suits, shirts, trousers and much more can now be purchased at competitive prices! The promotion is valid until October 25. Hurry up!

Buying twice as much is profitable

Shoes from RENDEZ-VOUS have long conquered fashionistas. True, sometimes the price bites. But not this fall. Buy two items and get -55% off the second at Rendez-Vous! Additional discount applies to products at full price or from the SALE section. A 55% discount on a second item is available until October 27th.

Half Price Shoes

The off-season sale has also started in all CALIPSO stores. Only until October 26, you can purchase some models from the fall 2020-2021 collection with a 50% discount. And after all, these are undoubtedly the most fashionable novelties of this year. If you go to the "Cosmoport" right now, you can have time to buy shoes at a very nice price.

For the most fashionable

Golden autumn is a great time to combine delicate dresses and skirts with rough boots. This is the option to be the most beautiful right now is offered by the German brand Tamaris - a manufacturer of high-tech and fashionable footwear and accessories for women. And the best part is that all items from the new collection can be purchased with a 20% discount.

Strengthen your immune system

Autumn is the time when everyone sneezes and coughs. But after all, immunity can be strengthened, and in October 2020, the family budget will hardly suffer from this. Zdorovit announces a special offer for everyone who cares about themselves and their loved ones: a 50% discount on chlorella - an ideal source of nutritional proteins and vitamins, as well as sugar-free protein ice cream. The promotion will last until October 31.

Get the sleigh ready in October!

Galamart launches a traditional promotion, where every second product will be sold for 1 p.!

The promotion is valid when making a purchase of goods from the groups:

home textiles; New Year's goods.

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