What Men Need A Strong Woman

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What Men Need A Strong Woman
What Men Need A Strong Woman

Video: What Men Need A Strong Woman

Video: What Men Need A Strong Woman
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Henpecked. Spineless rag. What epithets are not awarded to men. And, as a rule, these words are used in the context of conversations about the unions of the so-called "strong" women and "weak" men.


But let's define what is meant by a strong woman? Rich, beautiful, independent? Not at all. According to the Russian psychologist Ilya Latypov, a strong person is “a person who is able to make decisions, implement them and be responsible for the results.” In other words, in this regard, a strong woman is no different from a strong man.

The opposite is the mentally weak man. According to Australian psychologist Aoife McLaughlin, from James Cook University, a weak man is a psychologically immature, driven, unwilling to defend his opinion, less experienced and less active man. Psychologists also call such men infantile. But what man can not only like, but become necessary in life, a psychologically strong woman?


Yes, everything is so simple and trite. Since his birth, his son has lived not just under his mother's guidance, but one might say under the yoke. Mother, she is the prototype of the future wife, made decisions, said what to eat, what to wear and where to go. Just like in the joke, when the mother from the window calls the child: “son, go home !!! Mom, am I cold? No, you're hungry!"

For an adult mama's son, a strong woman is the only possible companion. She will not only make a decision for him, but also successfully implement it. In this case, there is no need to talk about responsibility for the result, or any other responsibility.

Such a husband is suitable for a strong woman, for example, simply for the status of "married". Well, a man will need a strong woman first of all as a mother. By the way, the "Oedipus complex", according to Sigmund Freud, can arise in a boy precisely because of the mother's overprotection.


Not the worst option for a family. From school, deeply immersed in any kind of science, the boy turned out to be really not adapted to life. No, this is not a lazy son, not spoiled by love. This is a completely reasonable and worthy man who has no idea why a perforator is needed, but he perfectly understands what a "X-ray topographic study of a dislocation structure" is.

Such a man simply physically cannot be without a woman who is strong in every sense. He will need her rather not as a mother, but as an assistant and leader at the same time. To tell him that he is talented, and at the same time to pull on himself the whole burden of everyday life, and at the same time make all decisions in life together. Will the lady get tired of it? If she knows for what, everything was started (for example, the opportunity to travel at the expense of his research institute, or his high fees), then she will not get bored. After all, as Faina Ranevskaya said: "When a jumper's legs hurt, she jumps while sitting."


Probably the best man for a strong lady. Such a husband (man) really deeply doubts the correctness of the decisions made on his own. He needs to regularly consult and discuss them. Moreover, in this case, a woman in no case should give reason to doubt her strength, wisdom and prudence.

A male performer and a strong woman are almost the perfect match. He - takes off the burden of decision-making and responsibility, and she - gets a great assistant (junior partner) and, so to speak, a "workhorse". Cynically? Maybe. But very practical. And it is very durable.

Lovelace or macho

It would seem, why is a woman strong for such a man who plays with women as with favorite toys? But we need it! The fact is that even the most interesting game can become boring. Striving for something new, tempted by female obedience and willingness to fulfill “any of his whims,” the macho will be intrigued by a lady who plays by her own rules. She does not obey, breaks stereotypes and destroys templates, he tries to figure out her, tame and even provoke her. Something like a gamble. Macho gives pleasure to subjugate a strong woman, but it is impossible to subdue her, and this adds fuel to the fire and turns both of them on even more. Such a relationship can remain at the stage of passionate flirting for a long time and feed both partners with unrealistic doses of adrenaline. But only if the lady does not go overboard once and does not behave like a "man in a skirt."

What's in practice?

One way or another, but most of the well-known women, who can be classified as strong, are most often either single, having a large number of fans, or regularly getting married and returning from there regularly.

As examples: Hedy Lamarr (6 marriages), Madonna (6 men, almost all younger than her), Marilyn Monroe (3 marriages and 8 lovers), Alla Pugacheva (5 marriages). We will not dispute the fact that these are strong women. All of them, at least, went down in history, and this already says a lot. And the fact that they undoubtedly attract the stronger sex with their originality, strength and disposition is not difficult to understand. Another question is, what kind of men do strong women need? Perhaps the answer lies in one of Sharon Stone's quotes: "We ourselves became the guys whom we wanted to marry in our youth."

The strength of the union

Summing up, we can say that the union of a strong woman and a weak man can be quite productive. But only if the woman is really strong. She herself will decide, she will do it herself, she will answer. By the way, statistics claim that by 2025 in the United States (and eventually in many other countries), it is women who will become the main ones in their families!

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