Inspirational Mantras From Successful Women

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Inspirational Mantras From Successful Women
Inspirational Mantras From Successful Women

Video: Inspirational Mantras From Successful Women

Video: Inspirational Mantras From Successful Women

Scientists have proven that the active vocabulary we use seriously affects our mood. We can artificially influence feelings of bliss, change attacks of self-criticism to compassion and self-care, and increase the amount of energy we need to cope with difficult moments in life. Simply repeating a persuasive phrase can give you self-confidence and boost your intrinsic motivation.

This simple life hack is the secret to the success of many of the influential women we see on screens.

Especially for you, we have collected several inspiring affirmations that will help those who want to achieve a lot both in work and in their personal life.

1. Reese Witherspoon

Many of us know Reese as a successful and attractive actress with many awards, but few have heard of the other side of her life. Years ago, Witherspoon launched her own production company, Type A Films, as well as Draper James home furnishings store. She successfully combines work responsibilities with caring for three children and lives by her father's motto:

You must keep collecting hay while the sun is shining.

In addition to her excellent business skills, Reese has a skill in positive persuasion and anxiety management:

Everything will be fine. Better than good. Things will go great! Don't waste time worrying that you're not good enough. You are a great person. And you will meet amazing people in your life who will help you and love you.

2. Victoria Beckham

The transition from the pop star lifestyle to the design world was difficult, but Victoria silenced all critics after opening her own clothing label. She was named UK's Most Successful Entrepreneur in 2014, earning about $ 50 million in a year. She successfully copes with both work and personal issues - the wife of the most successful football player David Beckham gave birth to four children and is herself raising them. It is possible that this is the result of one important mantra she once voiced in an interview:

I know what I want.

As Victoria herself stated, she repeats this phrase about every two minutes and 52 seconds - incredible accuracy is not included in the kit.

3. Troian Bellisario

The Pretty Little Liars star has been surrounded by the attention of journalists since childhood, because she was born into the family of popular producers Donald Bellisario and Deborah Pratt. For the first time on the screens she appeared at the age of 3, but only thanks to the series "Pretty Little Liars" her name began to be mentioned without her parental surnames. The girl achieved this for a long time and developed certain rules for dealing with stress:

I was taught that if you want something, you have to go and get it. It is useless to wait for opportunities that will fall on you themselves - because this may never happen.

Troian also believes that the main problem in society is the constant attachment to creating drama around him. It’s scary to stand up and say “I want to change all this for the better”, because it’s much easier to stay put and complain.

4. Indra Nui

The former PepsiCo CEO and 15th in the Forbes World 100 Most Powerful Women list, she has always wielded formidable influence in the industry. The mother of two states that it is all about her passion:

What you do must be your confession.

According to Indra, every girl needs to love and believe in her work, and also more often think about what legacy they will leave behind. The main thing is not to overdo it and not strive for heroic deeds, but to concentrate on the feeling of happiness here and now.

5. Kate Winslet

One of Hollywood's most successful actresses has spoken regularly about her battle with critics over comments about her body. Her unusual honesty allowed her to show that every woman, regardless of her status and fame, can feel insecure about her own weight or facial features.

She has openly stated that the lack of positive reinforcement that a woman can look anything leads to young girls being constantly stressed by inappropriateness. She brings to her daughter completely different values, different from those that gloss has been promoting for a long time:

We are so lucky to have such forms.

Her daughter Mia agrees:

I know Mommy.

6. Keith Somerville

The founder of the popular cosmetics brand and the favorite consultant of a whole list of Hollywood stars - from Ruby Rose and Vanessa Hudgens to Anna Kendrick and Bella Thorne - has kept her identity a secret for a long time, without revealing the details of her personal life.

But after opening a successful clinic, launching a global collection of skincare products, and publishing her book Complexion Perfection, Sommerville still shared some of the challenges she faced. Kate grew up in a house with an alcoholic mother and did not hope for a successful future until one acquaintance said a few important words to her:

You can dwell on your difficult childhood or past, or you can make your life what you want.

It's obvious which path Kate took.

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