What A Holiday Today: November 23

What A Holiday Today: November 23
What A Holiday Today: November 23

Video: What A Holiday Today: November 23

Video: What A Holiday Today: November 23
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FEODOSIA, November 23 - RIA Novosti Crimea. Today, the Day of Watercolors and the Day of Fight against Impunity are celebrated all over the world. Residents of our country are invited to celebrate the Day of getting up on the right foot, and the Americans are invited to join the celebration of the Day of Cashews. On this day, in 1852, the world's first mailbox was invented in England, in 1923 the American Jacob Schick patented the first electric razor, and in 2004 the legendary computer game "World of Warcraft" was released. The birthday people of the day - Soviet children's writer, author of books about Dunno Nikolai Nosov, French actor Vincent Cassel.


What is celebrated in the world

In 1991, a Mexican artist named Alfredo Guati Rojo painted his next watercolor drawing (he could do that), stepped a little aside from the easel, looked closely at his work and decided that watercolors were worthy of their own holiday. And he offered to establish it. This is how the International Watercolor Day was born. The rest of the artists supported the idea, and how can we arrange exhibitions every year on November 23! And all thanks to the Chinese, who once invented this very watercolor and presented it to the world.

If you didn't know, then there is an organization in the world that defends freedom of speech, and it is called IFEX. It was these guys who in 2011 came up with the idea of celebrating the Day of Fight against Impunity, timed to coincide with one sad event. The fact is that two years earlier, 58 people, including 34 journalists, were killed in the Philippine province of Maguindanao. The victims were supporters of the local governor candidate Ismael Manguadadatu, who were traveling in a convoy to register Ismael in the upcoming elections.

But this is a very scary story. And so as not to be afraid, we invite you to join the fun holiday of getting up on that leg. Who invented it and when? No time to explain! Just listen and remember: getting up on the right foot creates a joyful mood and guarantees the success of all the endeavors of the coming day. It remains only to understand which leg you have. But already determine it yourself, best of all - by experience.

While you're there experimenting with your legs, we're cracking nuts. On the occasion of Cashew Nut Day, which was invented in the United States. But, quite frankly, cashews are not nuts at all, but real fruits. In any case, from the point of view of botanists (although these guys are generally so complicated that even a watermelon is a berry).

Significant dates

Old shoes tied to a tree, large sacks, empty flower pots or even tin cans - that was not used until November 23, 1852, when the first mailbox was invented in England. Contemporaries recall that he was "attractive brown". However, even earlier something similar was invented in Florence, but there the boxes were used to transmit anonymous denunciations.

If you lived in Alaska, you could well appreciate the depth of suffering of local inventor Jacob Schick, who was very cold to shave with an ordinary razor using cream and water. Poor Jacob was very tormented by this circumstance, so he invented an electric razor. Then he rose to the rank of colonel, since he was a military man, and on November 23, 1923, he patented his invention. Thanks to this, he became a very wealthy person.

Earlier, Goldshire was much larger than it is now, and in the south of the Eastern continent there were two islands - Gillijim and the island of Doctor Lapidos … Geographers are now crazy, and everyone else did not understand anything. But fans of "World of Warcraft" felt great, immediately recognizing the location of the legendary computer game, which was invented on this very day in 2004.

Who was born on this day

On the same day, but 112 years ago, the literary dad of "Dunno" - Nikolai Nosov, was born. By the way, the famous shorty Nosov invented in childhood. And besides children's works, he wrote several serious autobiographical stories and scripts for four feature films.

French actor Vincent Cassel celebrates his 54th birthday today. Famous for his striking film roles, numerous love stories, and also for his marriage to the stunning Monica Bellucci, Vincent usually takes his job very seriously. For example, preparing for the filming of the film "Vice for Export", for greater persuasiveness, he learned the Russian language. And now he can keep up a conversation not only about the weather, but also about prison, weapons, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Also on this day were born the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya, Russian theater and film actor, star of the series "Real Boys" Anton Bogdanov, who played the red-haired Antokha, production designer of the national cartoon "Winnie the Pooh" Eduard Nazarov.

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