Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery
Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Video: Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Video: Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery
Video: 18 Famous Women Who’ve Never Had Plastic Surgery 2023, June

We have already told you about the stars that are

Famous women who have never had plastic surgery
Famous women who have never had plastic surgery

supporters of plastic surgery

and sometimes they do not know the measure at all. But there are also such famous women who believe that there is nothing better than natural beauty. Today we decided to figure out who these beauties are and why they flatly refuse plastic surgery.

Sharon Stone (58)

We used to admire Sharon Stone's looks, her gorgeous figure and glowing eyes. But at the age of 58, Sharon did not have a single plastic surgery! The actress assures that surgeons have repeatedly imposed a facelift on her, but she stands by her no radical interventions.

Christy Turlington (47)

The legendary top model, perhaps one of the few among her colleagues in the "dashing 90s", who takes her age. Christie looks amazing now! It looks like she really enjoys her looks and believes that beauty comes entirely from within.

Julianne Moore (55)

It is impossible to take your eyes off Julianne Moore. At 55, the actress looks great, although not younger than her age. And we respect her choice! Moore rightly notes that as a result of plastic surgery, people simply become different, but very rarely they manage to really look younger.

Rachel Weisz (46)

How can you give Rachel Weisz 46 years old? She not only does not do surgery, but even Botox injections: the star prefers to see wrinkles around her eyes and not worry about them. "What expressiveness can there be in a face immobilized by botox?" says Rachel.

Kate Winslet (41)

Kate Winslet has always been adamant when it comes to plastic surgery. "I will never give up! This is contrary to my idea of natural beauty. I am an actress and I don’t want one expression on my face”, the Oscar winner categorically declares.

Jodie Foster (53)

“I don’t want people to think that I’m ashamed of myself,” says the actress. That is why she prefers to age beautifully. We think she is doing great.

Monica Bellucci (52)

Everyone would look like Monica Bellucci at 51! The actress is philosophical about age-related changes: “Many are afraid of losing their beauty with age, but I try not to worry about these things. I am more afraid of death because I have two children and I want to see them grow up. There is nothing you can do about getting older anyway, so it’s better to put up with it.”

Halle Berry (50)

When you look at Halle Berry, it's hard to believe that she didn't resort to plastic. Surprisingly, the actress's smooth face is completely natural! She just regularly cares for her skin, but she has never been with a surgeon. Bravo!

Salma Hayek (50)

Once Salma Hayek told how Hollywood producers literally forced her to inject Botox. “At first the temptation was great, but I desperately resisted to the last. The mere thought of what will happen to my muscles and skin, that all this will atrophy, like a sick person, terrifies me! Every woman has the right to fight to preserve her youth. However, plastic surgery has become a kind of uniform for a generation. And the results aren't always that great."

Brooke Shields (51)

One of the most beautiful women of the 1980s, who became famous for the sensational film "Blue Lagoon", said that after an extremely unsuccessful experiment with botox, she forever forgot the road to a plastic surgeon. Alternatively, she suggests using laser technology that can effectively remove wrinkles. True, beauty industry professionals take the actress's words with irony, claiming that Shields used fillers to combat the signs of aging. But we take her word for it!

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