Weirdo Women: Celebrity Depressing Habits

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Weirdo Women: Celebrity Depressing Habits
Weirdo Women: Celebrity Depressing Habits
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Julie Ma of The Cut has done a great job fetching confessions of their weirdness from interviews with female stars. We have selected those who are known in Russia as well.


Emma Stone:

“I sucked my thumb until I was 11. I still like this feeling so much, it is very relaxing."

Michelle Williams:

"I drink coffee or smoothies right in the shower in the morning, it's great time management, saves time for breakfast."


Helen Mirren:

“I don't pick up the phone when they call me. It seems that I have a slight telephonophobia."

Amy Poehler:

“If I come to visit you, I will redraw everything there. I will never steal anything, but I need to review all your belongings. Therefore I am a terrible guest."

Chrissy Teigen:

“I eat corn chips like this: I take the chips, lick the seasoning off it, and put it back in the bag. So I get all the taste and zero carbohydrates!"

Anna Kendrick:

“I collect lotions and shampoos from all the films I have starred in, I have a special box for them. This is the usual cheap pharmacy cosmetics that I buy during filming, but when I now open the bottle and inhale the smell, I instantly move to that very period."

Heidi Klum:

"I fall asleep on the go by 8 pm."

Gigi Hadid:

"As a child, I loved to eat salt from the palm of my hand."

Yoko Ono:

"My secret to eternal youth: I take an ice bath once a day."


Jessica Simpson:

“I am a fan of anti-nicotine gum, I really sit on Nicorette, although I have never smoked in my life. The first time I was treated to a friend by mistake, thinking that this is a regular gum. I put it in my mouth and like that - oh my God, it's just some kind of holiday, I chatter incessantly, I am carried, what kind of thing is it, I need it!"

Kristen Stewart:

“I bought shoes one size smaller because I thought I looked better in them. I convinced myself that I have a size of 36.5, although in fact it is 38. Then I had to throw out fifty pairs of shoes after the auto-training: “Kristen, you are hurting yourself, you have to stop.”


“I would like to unlearn nose picking. This is a really bad habit: when you take out a booger, you roll it between your fingers and throw it away with a click. Everyone who just thought “fuuu!” Is a liar. Everyone needs to do something with their boogers. Best of all for me now, when I have a child, and I can always take his booger, roll it between my fingers and snap it off."

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