But At First They Were Allowed To Beat Women

But At First They Were Allowed To Beat Women
But At First They Were Allowed To Beat Women
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State Duma deputy, deputy chairman of the committee on family, women and children Oksana Pushkina proposed to create a special program for men who are rowdy in families.


Someone has to teach them how to manage their anger. Since mom and dad didn't do it.

It just so happened that our society is full of men who love to use their soul mate as a punching bag at their leisure. Someone does not stand on ceremony and beats at once with a backhand, someone a little bit, forward, in between times. Back in 2015, the Ministry of Internal Affairs published statistics that more than 36 thousand women suffer beatings from their husbands every day in our country. But do not forget that there is violence not only physical, but also psychological.

And what the actual number of victims at the hands of their "defenders" is, we will never know. After all, many women simply do not admit that they are being bullied at the door of their apartment as much as they can. And even if something like that is revealed, the statement often does not reach the police. I remember that in the film "Fool" by Yuri Bykov, at the very beginning, one of the residents of the dormitory, rotten through and through, beats his partner and daughter in blood. Upon the arrival of the law enforcement officers, the wife refuses the statement with the words: “He has to work tomorrow. Again, they will leave without a prize”.

To make the prototypes of such movie heroes on the other side of the screen smaller, Oksana Pushkina suggests correcting brawlers with the help of special psychological trainings. Like, this already exists in many countries, and in some cities of Russia. The goal of the venture is to change the behavior of men, quote, "from dangerous and destructive to respectful and constructive."

Going to a professional psychologist is not shameful. This is a well-developed practice in the world. In Russia, for some reason, they sometimes continue to laugh at those who talk about their personal problems and experiences. Surely, a man who can beat his wife half to death with his fists can also teach how to manage his anger. You never know miracles in our life. Only the question is: why a couple of years ago to create all the conditions so that such would-be men remain unpunished?

The law decriminalizing domestic violence was signed in February 2017. I remember what a heated discussion then unfolded. In May 2018, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, announced a sharp increase in cases of domestic violence. His department, by the way, opposed decriminalization. And this happened due to the fact that the beating, if it happened for the first time in the family, became legal.

Against the background of the existing indulgences for brawlers, the initiative to re-educate them looks very illogical. Instead of talking to a psychologist in a comfortable chair, there should be much more stringent measures. It is irrational to spend money on re-educating an adult forehead who has nowhere to put their fists.

A man should feel his responsibility, and not only before his conscience, but also before the law.

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